4 Underrated Places to Visit in Europe

When it comes to diversity, history, and landscapes, no other continent can compare to Europe. This is precisely why it’s such a popular travel destination for anyone, no matter where they come from.
Unfortunately, most people who come to visit Europe come for the more famous destinations which are heavily advertised and talked about like Paris, London, or Rome, instead of visiting other cities that are maybe even more spectacular, but they just don’t have the hype about them going yet.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s mandatory to visit at least one of the major and popular cities in Europe, but next time you go on vacation, let yourself be amazed by the beauty of one of the following cities that I bet you didn’t even know about.

1. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a canal-based city that has rightfully gained the title of “The Venice of the North”. If you are a history and an art lover, you will definitely appreciate going on a trip to this heaven of culture.
One of the best reasons to visit Bruges if you are an art lover is to see “Madonna and Child”, a splendid sculpture done by Michelangelo. In addition, any history lover will appreciate the beautiful and astonishing medieval architecture of this town.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Hungary isn’t one of the main attractions for tourists, and this is a shame, because its capital, Budapest, is a really underrated beauty.
The main points of attraction when you go to Budapest are definitely the Castle District, the neo-Gothic Parliament building, the Castle Hill, and of course the River Danube.
Hopefully, George Ezra’s song titled “Budapest” has attracted the attention of some people for them to at least look this amazing city up on the Internet, and see for themselves what they are missing by not visiting it.

3. Karpathos, Greece

While it’s true that Greece is a very popular vacation destination for many people around the world during summer and autumn, not all of its destinations are very known, which is a shame because this country has a lot to offer to anyone that visits it.
One of the most beautiful, but unfortunately underrated destinations in Greece is the island Karpathos.
This large island is home to amazing sandy beaches and no less than ten villages. The must see beaches when you go to Karpathos are definitely Kira Panagia Beach, Apella Beach, Diakoftis Beach, and Amoopi Beach.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovik is a the last of our underrated places to visit while in Europe, and it’s located in the southern part of Croatia.
The view of the sunset over the sea will leave you speechless when you go visiting this amazing city that is surrounded by the blue waters of the Adriatic.
When you go here, don’t forget to visit the Old Town, and walk on the cobblestone streets while admiring their churches, coffee places, and local farm markets that are filled with chatter and joy. After all, the Old Town didn’t become a UNESCO World Heritage site for nothing.