5 people to talk to before going with study abroad programs

Studying abroad is an amazing and overwhelming experience, especially if you are the first in your family that leaves the country for such a long period. Before actually going to your new host country and spend the following years there, it is important to make sure everything is established in detail and you can have the time of your life. One aspect to take into account even several months before going is to look for student accommodation Leicester online. There are some important persons you have to talk to before actually going to study abroad so here is a complete list.

The adviser from your study abroad program

The person who is willing to help you to get everything in order for your study abroad program is your study abroad adviser. These advisers are experts regarding the study abroad programs, including the one you have chosen for you, so they will be able to put you up to date with everything and answer to all your questions in no time. Ask your adviser about the courses, the number of students that participate in the program or about the accommodation possibilities.

The academic adviser

You have to talk to your academic adviser to check whether the credits you acquire while studying abroad can be transferred to your college back home or not. You would not want to encounter any problems related to your grades the moment you return from the study program, so make sure you have a long and detailed discussion with your academic adviser to have everything cleared.

The doctor

Another important person to talk to before going to your new host country is your doctor. You need to undergo a medical check-up before going, just to make sure everything is all right. In case you take any medications, you should ask the doctor whether he or she could give you a prescription for such a long period, since there are chances for you not to find that specific medication in your host country.

The banker

You should not forget about the banker before going to study abroad. Ensure your finances are in order before you go abroad, because if you plan to do some changes to your bank account while you are abroad, you might find yourself in the situation that your account has been cancelled or closed. The banker will consider that your card has been stolen, so the first thing they have to do in such situations is to protect their clients’ privacy. Talk to the banker and mention the exact dates when you are going to travel and the period you will spend abroad.

Students that have already been there

Where else can you get more information than from students that have already been abroad with the same study program you have applied yourself? Talk to them and ask for their opinion regarding this experience from their point of view. You might be lucky and get some useful tips from them. Learn from their mistakes and listen to their advice in order to have the time of your life.