Activities for families with children in Richmond upon Thames

If you and your family are visiting London this summer you have to visit Richmond upon Thames. Richmond is the place to be whether you are here for the weekend or on a prolonged holiday. Why? The answer is quite simple: the borough offers a great many activities for children and parents alike. As a matter of fact, there is no better place to e when it is not raining heavily. Richmond upon Thames is suitable for people of all ages and it is the reason why millions of tourists head towards this tranquil village. If you are interested in something to do with the family, you should visit If you prefer to see our top pick, here they are.

Consider getting in touch with nature

If you are the parent of little children, you should definitely take them to Richmond Park. They will literally have the opportunity of discovering a completely new world. The outdoor space is full of exotic plants, not to mention that you can find many buildings of architectural and historic interest. There is no doubt that London has a number of beautiful parks, but Richmond Parks is the one that stands out. Besides the divine nature, you and your children can admire the spectacular deer. The park was created in the 17th century for wildlife conservation. You are likely to see many deer roaming around. If you are an animal lover, you will be happy to hear that you can come across foxes, rabbits, bats and so many more.

Go on a treasure hunt

If you are searching for ways to have fun with your kids, you do not need to look further. What you can do is go on a treasure hunt. Such activities are organised all the time in the borough and the great thing is that the adventure will take you past the most important attractions. You can explore together Richmond Green, Tudor Palace and of course the riverside. Basically, you will get the chance to see things that you would normally not even notice. All you have to do is buy one. A treasure hunt includes directions, clues and, naturally, a map. You need only a few minutes to hide the clues from your kids. You will see that you will have a great time.

Don’t miss the Alligator’s Mouth

The Alligator’s Mouth is not a frightening place, but rather an impressive bookstore. This place does not sell books, what it commercialises is loving literature. The store was set up by Margaret Wallace-Jones and Tony West back in 2013. What they wished to accomplish was to offer children a truly incredible experience, goal which they have successfully accomplished. Once you come in, you do not ever want to leave. The bookstore addresses children as well as adults, which is the reason why it is the perfect place for you to visit. You will find the owners to be absolutely delightful, not to mention that the fact that you can find books for all readers