Air conditioner maintenance tips


Air conditioner units require annual check-ups in order to function properly and to avoid experiencing any problems during the hot season. Dirt and debris can clog the cooling fins, not to mention that there are other factors that can possibly reduce the efficiency of an AC and wear it faster. Regular maintenance and cleaning will not only save your business money, but it will also extend the life of your HVAC unit. The ideal time when you should clean the outdoor unit is just before the cooling season begins. If you are not familiar with routine commercial air conditioner maintenance, then you should hire an air conditioning service provider.

Clean the condenser  

Considering the dangers of working around electricity and the AC’s moving parts, it is important to switch off the power to the unit. You will find a switch on the exterior of the condenser, close to the main unit. You should also turn the power off inside the building as well. Be sure to clean the outdoor unit when the temperature is at least 60 degrees, as this is the minimum temperature at which you can evaluate the air conditioner to see if it is working properly. Your job is to clean the condenser fins, namely the metallic blades that surround the unit. They gather dirt immediately because the central fan pulls in dust and debris. With the help of a soft brush, you should wipe the fins. Additionally, you will have to check the fan motor for lubrication ports, but pay attention to the fact that newer models have seals and cannot be lubricated.

Verify the wiring and the components

Another thing that you should do is remove the wiring panel on the condensing unit and look for signs of overheating such as melted insulation wires, wires that look burnt and so on and so forth. You can check the electrical connections to ensure that they are tight enough as well as the capacitors in the unit if you have an electrical test meter. A good idea is to also take a peek at the contractor and look for excessive pitting. If you notice any of the aforementioned issues, you should always call an air conditioning expert to do the work for you.

Check your thermostat

If you want to make sure that the temperature in the building is at the right level, you should examine the thermostat and convince yourself that it is working properly. If you have a mechanical type thermostat, then it is time to upgrade to a programmable model which will allow you to set the temperature higher and cool the building down in 30 minutes before employees arrive.

It cannot be stressed enough that properly maintaining your air conditioner will benefit you greatly in terms of saving energy, money and keeping your comfortable at the office during hot summer days. An air conditioning company will be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need and perform maintenance on an annual basis to ensure that your AC unit performs efficiently.