Alcohol Addiction: Why Treatment Sometimes Doesn’t Work Out


Each month in the UK, thousands of people sign up with private alcohol rehab clinics, intending to change their lives for the better. And the large majority of them manage to achieve exactly that. Nonetheless, there are always those individuals for whom the rehabilitation and treatment programs don’t breed the desired results. They acknowledge and accept the fact that they have an issue, they seek the required professional assistance and they commit to the program. But for some reason, the treatment fails.

Which begs the crucial question – why?

The simple fact is that the reason any given treatment fails has the potential to be due to literally hundreds of different things. That said, there are certain reasons why rehabilitation fails that are much more common than others, which in the majority of cases can be easily remedied the next time. The key to having success often lies in finding out what went wrong, in order to make sure it is not allowed to happen again.

Here is a short overview of a few of the most common reasons why alcohol treatment programs sometimes fail:

1 – Too Big Expectations

First up, there are always those who will enter a course of treatment for alcohol addiction or abuse with the impression they will emerge in a few weeks entirely cured and their lives transformed. In fact however, this simply is not the way alcohol addiction treatment works as while professional assistance and rehabilitation can certainly assist and addict stop alcohol consumption and steer them in the right direction, it is up to the person in question to choose their path in the long term. There will always be moments of weakness and temptation following any type of alcohol rehabilitation program – there’s no such thing as a “cure”.

2 – Getting Impatient

Every person and every instance of alcohol addiction is completely unique, which means that every individual seeking help can and should expect a unique approach to their issues. In some cases, the professional assistance and advice over the period of a few weeks can be more than enough to nurture amazing improvement. In other cases, rehabilitation must be continued for several months or even indefinitely, in order for progress to be made. Therefore, it’s important not to enter any treatment program with any assumptions regarding how long it’s likely to take. It could be very difficult to exercise patience when it comes to such important matters, but patience is indeed of crucial importance in order to succeed.

3 – Having The Wrong Attitude

The simple fact is that even the most incredible course of alcohol addiction rehabilitation and treatment in the world won’t be 100% effective if the person in question isn’t fully dedicated to their own recovery. It is one thing to check into a treatment facility having been motivated to do so by family and friends, but unless you yourself wish to recover and are willing to take action, it will simply not work. To treat rehabilitation and addiction treatments as something of a chore is to basically guarantee your failure. By contrast, if you approach it as the life-changing process it is, you’re exponentially more likely to have success.

4 – Wrong Rehab Facility Choice

Nowadays, alcohol rehabilitation programs are available in infinite varieties and different forms. From the actual treatment available to choosing between residential and outpatient rehab and so on, there is an ideal type of program out there for every addict and their specific circumstances. But at the same time, there are also different types of programs that are completely wrong for any given person and their own personal specifics, which means that to choose the wrong treatment is to risk failure. Rather than just diving headfirst into the very first opportunity, you should think strategically and carefully and choose according to professional advice.

5 – Poor Treatment Quality 

Last up, all treatment providers are by no means of the same calibre when it comes to the quality of the treatment programs and services they offer. Quite to the contrary, the differences from one provider to the next really could be night and day, which means that extensive focus and care should be invested in the process of selecting a rehab centre of the highest quality.