Ask these questions before hiring a carpet cleaning company

When you have purchased the carpets for your house, they looked wonderful, but for some time you have noticed that their beauty started to fade away, and this might be the result of the fact that they were not properly cleaned for some time. You might vacuum them on a regularly basis, but because they are made from different materials, they require a special type of care, and you would not be able to provide them, because you do not know what products you should use, and what techniques. If you are not cautious, you might end up destroying them, and you should avoid doing this. The best option would be to hire one of the carpet cleaning companies from your area, because even if they charge more than you would probably pay for the cleaning products you normally use, they are able to restore your carpets to the their originally state. But before deciding upon one, here are some questions you should ask the providers.

Do I get a written guarantee for your services?

Before letting them take your carpets and clean them, you have to be sure that they offer you a guarantee in writing for the services they provide. In this way, you are sure that they offer exactly the services they guarantee for, and you would not experience any further issues. You avoid in this way getting back your carpets damaged in any way.

What type of products you are using?

The role of this question is to see if the company is asking to see the carpets before stating you what types of products they are using. It is important for the company to come and analyse the state of your carpets before telling you what type of products they would use, because they have to see the materials they are made of, and how dirty they are. If you see that they offer importance to these details, you can trust them to be professionals, and they are able to properly clean your carpets.

Can you offer me references from former clients?

This is one of the most important questions, because if the company is not willing to provide you references from the former clients, you should have second thoughts. The references provided by the former clients could offer you a clear idea about the quality of the services they provide, and if the clients were contempt with them. In case the company does not provide you the references, you have the possibility to search them on specialised websites, which offer reviews about the companies from this domain.

Are your technicians qualified?

You have to be sure that the persons who are cleaning your carpets are qualified in this domain, because they do not only have to know what products they should use, but also how to use them. Therefore, you have to be sure that the technicians have a wide knowledge in this domain, and what techniques are proper to use for every one of them.