Basic craft and art supply list

If you are a DIY enthusiast and you love to make crafts, then there are a few items you should always have at your disposal. Regardless of the project you are planning to create, some items are essential for most DIY ideas. You can easily find an extensive range of craft supplies for different types of projects, with a simple search online. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, and are interested in designing some hand-made items, then make sure you have everything you need. Here is a basic list of craft and art supplies:


The ideal pair of scissors can simplify any DIY project you might be interested in. Deepening on the craft you are doing, there are sharp and balanced scissors on the market suitable for different types of projects. Make sure you have a pair of scissors for fabric, one for paper, one for ribbon and some of the decorative kind as well. The right pairs of scissors can make any craft seem easier to do.


If you want the final results of your project to meet your expectations, then the paint you use is crucial. Research the topic and see which type of paint is more appropriate for your project, either acrylic, oil, enamel, spray and so on. If you choose your craft supplier wisely, you will be able to find any type of paint you need, but make sure you use the right brushes as well.

Card Stock

A card stock is necessary for many paper craft creations. Whether you want to design a canvas or you want to create your own birthday cards, buy a few card stocks in different shapes, weights, colours and textures to use for any type of project.

Glue gun

A glue gun can be extremely useful for various DIY ideas, and this is why it should be on your craft supply list. Look for a low-heat gun, which can be used for a wide range of products. However, if you need a more efficient one, you should buy a high temp model as well, it all depends on the results you are expecting.


Markers and sharpies should be on the top of the list when you are shopping for craft supplies. For detail lettering or drawing, these items are necessary for many purposes. Because there are so many markers on the market, in all sorts of colours, decide which ones you would need to use most often.

As you can see, there are a few items necessary for your DIY projects. With this list at your disposal, you can start shopping for high quality supplies. Because there are so many suppliers out there, make sure you choose wisely. Look for an online shop or provider that can offer you the purchase opportunities you need. From paint and scissors to adhesives and paper, make sure you have a little bit of everything. If you use the right supplies, you can soon become a DIY expert.