Beach wedding – What the groom should wear

People have the misconception that outfitting the groom is not a difficult task because you only have to buy a suit and wear it. But deciding what model and colour of wedding suit you should choose is not an easy task, and you have to consider some aspects. Moreover, in case you have planned to have a beach wedding, then the pressure is higher, because there are very few guides that help grooms finding a wedding suit perfect for a beach wedding. You would have to leave aside the classy elegant look, and you will have to opt for something more casual. But make sure not to be too casual. It’s tricky right? Here are some ideas you can check when you suit hire in Leicester.

Open button-up shirts

If have your beach wedding during summer, you will face high humidity and warm temperatures. So the perfect suit will be the one that allows you to feel comfortable. You will look amazing if you unbutton the top two buttons of your shirt, and you can opt for only a shirt and pants, and you can wear the drew in the night.

Breathable fabrics are a must

If you want to wear a jacket, then you should make sure that you hire one manufactured from a breathable fabric. Check the stores, and make sure that the drew you wear is not only fashionable, but also light. You should avoid linen, seersucker and cotton because they are terrible fabrics for a beach wedding.

Suspenders and rolled up sleeves for a modern groom

If you and your bride have decided to have a casual wedding, with romantic touches, then you do not have to be worried about staying classy and choose a formal suit. If the weather is warm, you will not have to wear a jacket and this means that you can wear the shirt with rolled up sleeves, as you do it every day. Also for a more charming look you can wear suspenders, they are amazing accessories to be paired with rolled-up sleeves, and they help you achieve a relaxed look, perfect for a beach wedding.

Match the outfit of the bride

Ask your bride help you choose the outfit, because she will make sure that your suit and her dress complement each other. You will not have to wear a tuxedo if she opts for a light dress. You will look fantastic as long as you make sure to talk about your outfits, without you actually seeing her dress, of course.