Being in your 70s – tips for being happy

Are you afraid that your life will not be so exciting after you get 70? Allow us to contradict you, due to the fact that we strongly believe that this period of your life can be also amazing, if you know how to live it. And if you do not have any clue what to do that, here they are some good tips.

Tips for having an interesting life after you get 70

Start writing a blog. And do not believe that you do not have anything to say or that you are not creative enough as to write something. If you feel uncomfortable, you can make the blog private and treat it like an online diary. It can be your own fascinating blog and nobody has to know about it. You can follow the example of

Read some good books. But be careful to choose the proper light, in order not to affect your eyes. You can create your special place for reading in the garden or somewhere in the park, when the weather is fine. And make sure that you chose books that have the role to give you positive energy. A cup of tea and a book can be the best company for you.

Buy yourself a pet. It is a cliché, we know, but you will immediately get attached to it. And do not resume yourself only to cats and dogs. You can try something less common such as a chinchilla or a lizard. It all depends on your personality.

Start travelling. It is never too late to start visiting a place where you have not been before. Make a small research on the Internet and decide which the best destination for you is.

Learn to cook something special. Are you tired of eating the same meals every day? Well, buy yourself a recipe book and start trying new things. Do not be afraid of combining the ingredients and seasons. And if you want, you can start keeping a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of creative ways of cooking them.

Play with your nephews. Or if you do not have any, you can spend some time with your neighbours’ children because they have the great power to make you feel happy.

Buy yourself new clothes! This can help you feel better and enjoy more your days.

Advantages of being 70

Do you feel like that was not enough? Here there are some advantages of being 70 years old.

  • You are lucky! Being 70 or more means that you have to get throw a lot of things. This makes you a survivor. Not everybody is that lucky!
  • You are wise enough as to understand how things work in live. And we know that all your families member come to you when they need some pieces of advice.
  • You do not have to get up early in the morning and go to work. You can sleep whenever you want or how much you want, without feeling bad because you are trying to skip responsibilities.
  • You had the amazing opportunity to see your children or even nephews growing up.