Being unemployed in France – things to know

If you have recently moved to France, you might not be aware of all the social security and employment benefits the government puts at your disposal. One of the most difficult issues foreigners usually deal with is finding a proper job after becoming unemployed. If you are confronted with this situation yourself, learning a few things on the subject will probably come in handy. Here are the most important things to know, when you are unemployed in France:

Visa requirements

Because you are not a born citizen of France, and just how you needed a visa to work in this country, you will need an unemployment visa as well, to prevent dealing with inconveniences, and to manage obtaining the benefits provided through allocations chomage 93. So, you should be aware of all the requirements you need to meet. Once you apply for unemployment advantages, the Pole Emploi practically becomes your employer, and you will need to have all visa paperwork in order, to prevent a potential unpleasant situation. Discuss with a specialist about this topic, and make sure you meet all requirements.  

Training opportunities

A great thing about living in France is that the Pole Emploi will not only help you find job offers, but they also provide you with free training opportunities, if you are interested in switching to another field of practice. If your chosen domain is not that accessible, in terms of employment offers, perhaps it is time to consider other alternatives, and the government allows you to obtain the training you need free of charge – so what more could you ask for? From language training to vocational training, there are many options you can choose from, in order to build a successful career in a particular domain.  

Rent help

Last but not least, one thing you should be aware of, when you are unemployed, is that the government will not let you struggle with your daily life until you come across a job opportunity. As long as the rent of your flat or apartment do not exceed a certain amount, the CAF will support you financially, which is certainly a plus. However, you will have to file in an application, so discuss with a CAF specialist, and make sure you follow all their instructions, in order to receive the support you need. This alongside the other unemployment benefits will allow you to live a normal life until you manage to get a job. 

As a foreigner, obtaining new career opportunities in France might seem difficult, if you have not been a citizen of this country for a long time, and dealing with unemployment might become overwhelming. Well, you should know that the government offers you the support you need in finding a new job position, all you have to do is be aware of a few relevant aspects on the topic and contact the French National Job Agency. If you need more support, there are specialists out there willing to provide you with all the guidelines you require, just ask the right people for support.