Bridal headpieces alternatives

Nowadays more and more brides want to replace the classic veil with a modern accessory. Bridal headpieces offer them a romantic look and for the ones who want to plan a medieval wedding, these accessories are perfect. If you want to look like a Greek goddess on your wedding day, then you should take a look online to see what options you have, because wearing a veil is not an option for you. The stores that offer on sale wedding veils have numerous items that can be worn by the brides who do not want to complete their attire with a veil, so you can ask the seller of your dress to suggest you some accessories. You can opt for hair chains, a hair comb, a tiara or even a flower crown. The options are endless. And if you want something unique you can opt for a headband made from wedding ribbons UK, because you can make it by yourself.

Accessorise your hair with ribbon

If you want to achieve a simple and chic look, you can braid ribbon through your hair locks. You can wear your hair half up, half down and tie a ribbon bow at the back. If you want to style your hair in a bun, then you can tie a ribbon bow on its base. If you want to wear braids, then you can insert ribbon through your locks, and braid it as you do with your hair.

Bridal hair chains

If you want to be a glam bride, then you can add hair chains to your hairstyle. They are a versatile accessory, because you can wear them in the back of your head or across your forehead. You can adjust their place, according to the style you choose for your hair. If you pull your hair to the back, then you can wear the chains across your forehead.

Bridal hair vines

If you are looking for a flexible hair accessory, you should check the models of bridal hair vines available. These accessories are amazing, because they can be worn with different hairstyles, and they are comfortable. If you have a vintage dress, then you will have no issues to find a vintage jewellery, because there are numerous models on the market. If you want to achieve a dramatic look, then you can wear it across your forehead. Check online for unique style combinations, and choose the one that suits you better.