Can I get a tax rebate?


Have you ever considered applying for a tax rebate? You should know that it is a refund on the taxes you paid, you can get in case the tax liability is lower than the taxes you paid. As a taxpayer, you can get a refund on your income tax, if the sum you have paid is less than the sum of the estimated taxes and the withholding taxes. In fewer words, tax rebate is the money you get back at the end of the year. Here you will find all the information you need to know in order to claim a tax rebate.

Are you able to get the tax refund?

There are certain conditions every person should meet if they want to get the tax rebate, so before you claim tax back, you should make sure you meet these requirements:

  • You have a job or you paid too much to the tax
  • You lost your job
  • You bought a life annuity
  • You paid too much for the pension payments
  • You sent a tax return but you paid too much
  • You use your own money for fuel clothes and other things for your job
  • If you are on a low income and you have paid interest for savings
  • If you have income in a country where you do not live

What you should know if you are employed

In case you think that too much tax was taken from your pay, then you should consult a specialist to see if you can claim for a tax refund. The method you should use to claim for a refund depends on the type of tax you have paid too much. You can claim the return for the last year. There are only websites where you can check if you have the right tax code. In case you find out that it is wrong, then you will have to inform the HMRC. If the HMRC corrects your tax code, then you can receive a refund and you will have to ask your employer for it.

How can you claim a refund?

There are different ways you can claim for a refund. The majority of people choose to claim it online, because they find it the easiest method. If you want to opt for this method, then you should have the employer’s PAYE references number. You will find it on your P60. Also, you will have to offer details on the taxable income and taxable benefits you received. You will not be able to claim the refund for another person online. In case you do not want to use this method, then you should write or call the HMRC. You will have to explain them why you think that you paid too much. For this, you will need details of the state benefits or jobs you got, your national insurance number and your P45. From this point on you should expect the HMRC to contact you to ask you more details, and they will offer you the refund either by cheque or they will send the money to your bank account.