Children and parents: discussions on student accommodations


For a family, changes are difficult to handle. However, they keep coming and there is no way of stopping them. So, all you can really do is learn to face up to change the best you can. One of the biggest changes a family will have to cope with is looking at one of its members change address. Whenever a daughter or son goes off to college, parents, especially mothers go through a difficult time. Although you could not be happier to see how much your child has grown, how he or she is trying to make a future, you still cannot help feeling sad. You understand the change that will come about your family. Thus, in a time such as this one, your family starts having all sorts of discussions, mostly connected to the issue of accommodation.  The question on everyone’s lips is what to choose between private or shared student houses in Newcastle. Here are a few benefits of shared housing, which all students should know of.

Lower costs

The reason for which students and their families consider the shared housing options is cost. It is important to mention that when deciding on a shared accommodation you are have to pay a lower rent. The total value of your monthly rent is shared between all the students you are living with. Of course, this should not mean that a space should get too crowded, as a certain level of comfort must be maintained. However, it is a good idea to have a roommate, maybe two or three is the cost of the rent.

A better location

When deciding to go for shared accommodation, you get to enjoy a better location. Private rentals are usually located farther from the university you will be attending, even from the city centre. For students, this is a real problem, as being close to school is essential. Transportation could increase the everyday costs.

Staring a new life

Cost and location are two very important benefits, of this you may rest assured. However, when thinking what going to college is really all about, another advantage comes to mind. When living in shared accommodation, you connect with other people. They might be attending the same school as you or they might be learning something else. You could gain lifetime friendships, begin a new phase of your life in a better and fuller way.

Going off to college is a serious decision, one you should not treat lightly. Consider all points attentively and you will have only to gain.