Choosing the right university – things to consider

Going to university is definitely the most exciting thing teenagers from all around the world have to do. Moving out from your parents’ house, living alone, exploring a new city, decorating your own room – all these are challenging perspectives any college student should experience. But in order to have all these, you need to choose the university that suits your needs and wants, both in terms of academic preparation and in terms of lifestyle. While some educational institutions offer their students a resourceful extracurricular opportunities, others have majestic campuses and others get applicants’ attention through a comprehensive range of specializations. There are so many things you have to take into consideration when selecting the university you are applying for, that the process may seem overwhelming. However, it is worth any effort – after all, it is the place where you are going to spend the upcoming years of your life. So here are some criteria you should keep in mind when choosing:


You may think that once you move out of your parents’ home, it does not really matter where you live, because all you want is independence. However, this is not a mature way of thinking. The place where you live is extremely important, since it can boost your productivity and also make you feel comfortable and cosy. As much as you try to deny it, you are going to miss the comfort of your home. If you prefer the big city bustle, then rest assured there are plenty of student accommodation London options you can choose from. There are comfortable and welcoming and even luxurious, if you are willing to pay some extra money.


Curriculum content

Every university is different as far as courses and curricula are concerned. This is not something that should bother you, because the great variety is a consequence of the diversified demand. Each student wants something different, which is why institutions have increased their number of specialisation fields. Nowadays, you can study absolutely anything you want, from arts to science, economics, sociology and so on. However, not any university covers all these domains, and this decreases the chances of finding the perfect match. The good news is that there are more than 150 universities and colleges throughout the UK – so if you are willing to move away from home, it is impossible not to find something suitable.



You may think that everything you need is inside the campus of your university, but keep in mind that some institutions do not even have a campus per se. There are, of course, many student purpose built facilities (such as the library, canteen and so on), but they may not be all in the same place. For this reason, if you are dreaming about the student life you see in movies, search for a university that has a majestic and comprehensive campus. What is more, another important piece of information you must know is that some of these facilities can even provide you with special discounts as long as you show your student card.