Common electrical issues most homeowners face                


As a homeowner, you encounter many problems over the years, from cold floors during winter season and moisture on windows to damp basement and musty odors. Furthermore, you need to tackle various household tasks like poor drainage, leaky faucets, water heater adjustment and more. Nevertheless, electrical problems are by far the most alarming and urgent. Of course, we are not talking about replacing a light switch or installing a ceiling fan. We are talking about flickering lights, dead outlets, warm fixtures and switches, tripping breakers and faulty circuit breaker. If you overlook the signs including burning smell, abnormal flickering and warmth around electrical installations, then you might consciously contribute to a fire burning your home to the ground. These are serious problems that you cannot simply ignore, particularly if there are children living inside the house. Family’s safety comes first. This article has the purpose to discuss the most common electrical issues you might face as a homeowner face at some point in your life and solutions that you need to apply immediately.


Flickering bulbs and dead outlets

Most of them require a certified electrician from Flow Electrics so make sure that you do not hesitate to take action when the situation calls for it.  If your bulbs keep flickering or dimming, you are probably experiencing a poor connection throughout the house. You might even notice than in one room the light is brighter than in another room.  Apart from being disturbing or annoying, you might find it necessary to keep changing light bulbs without actually solving the problem because you have not found the source. This might exceed your capabilities and for this reason, as mentioned above, hiring a professional electrician becomes imperative. If you own an older residence, then dead outlets should not come as a surprise. You might even have more than just one electrical panel on there and you probably did not even notice. This might get confusing so asking for help is not a shame in this case.

Old wiring vs. hanging and exposed wires

Since we mentioned about old homes, we through that it is fair to bring up a common electrical issue for their homeowners, namely old wiring. When wire insulation falls prey to wear and tear, then you should expect an imminent disaster. Even though you might not even thought that it could ever happen, this might lead to a fire starting in the walls. Obviously, you will notice when it is already too late. In order to prevent such a situation, make sure that you call someone to perform a detailed inspection of the wiring and give you a prognostic. This wise move will save you money and frustration on the long term. However, homeowners do not only deal with old wiring. Those who recently initiated a basement renovation process or a home improvement project must face another issue: exposed wires. By leaving them unprotected, you might cause a major fire. Hanging wires might even cause children to trip and fall, resulting in injury.