Dazzle And Shine With These 5 Lularock Accessories

Apart from outfits and attire, the Lularock boutique understands that every aspect of fashion counts. And what better way to combine both art, music and fashion together with accessories too? When paired right, the accessories can serve their purpose by drawing focus to your look and maximising your outfit’s potential. Here are some highly individualistic accessories to consider completing your outfits with:

Grace Lolita

If you enjoy quirky fashion pieces, then you will enjoy the Grace Lolita clutch by Les Petits Joueurs. The Grace Lolita clutch is essentially an acrylic clutch lined with a suede interior. The surface of the Grace Lolita clutch comes with lego blocks customised and lined into the shape of a heart- spoil the inner child of yours with this special clutch! You can either hand carry or choose to carry it using the chain that is made available. Quirky, fun and delightful, you are guaranteed to gain compliments with this unique clutch.

Nate Necklace

Specially handcrafted in Italy by designer Diana Broussard, the Nate necklaces are available in a series of different colours- Matte Black, White, Navy, Orange, Shocked Pink, Ultraviolet, Apple Candy, Cobalt Crystal and Green Crystal.  Formed with plexiglass, the Nate Necklaces are sleek, modern classics that come with Lobster claw closures. These elegant statement necklaces are compatible with everyday where and crafted with intricate detailing to form a length of around 51 to 57 cm. Brighten up your everyday wardrobe with this classic right here!

Lady Cancan Necklace

Created by designer Matina Amanita and displayed as a one of a kind collection for runway shows of Sretsis, the Lady Cancan necklace is a charming piece that combines the concept of feminine jewellery and flowers. Made with pearls with a size of 18mm, velvet ribbons and gold plated brass carnation ribbons, the Lady cancan necklace is perfect for anyone who wishes to add a touch of colour to their wardrobe or enjoys floral concepts. One delightful combination with the Lady Cancan necklace would be the Elastic Short Dress by Manoush.

Ring With Jade and Freshwater Pearls

The Jade and Freshwater pearls ring by Crystalline Jewelry is one of the most delightful accessories that someone can own. With the jewels affixed on an adjustable band, the ring can class up any outfit you pair it with. Comfortable, adjustable and beautiful in it’s design, this ring exudes elegance and grace. A perfect accessory to gift any sophisticated person in your life. This ring can be paired with stylish dresses like the Herder Dress from MacGraw or Let It Go Dress from Alice McCall.

Thunder Heart Sunglasses

The Thunder Heart Sunglasses by Sretsis is a quirky yet beautiful accessory to incorporate into your outfit for a sleek vibe. With their swooping lightning bolt design, the Thunder Heart sunglasses stand out amongst the rest of their peers. The gradient lenses cast striking colourful mirror designs for the colour obsessed. Perfect to wear on any occasions ranging from a concert to a walk by the beach, the Thunder Heart sunglasses are certainly not to be missed.
Shine your way into the spotlight with these 5 Lularock accessories today. To learn more about these fashionable accessories or source for more, you can view them in all their beauty through the official Lularock website.