Designing bespoke rubber stamps – keep these in mind


Companies need rubber stamps in order to properly perform their business, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Sometimes off-the-shelf stamps available on the market are not the best option for your business, especially if you are struggling to create a reliable and trust-worthy image. This is why you should consider going for bespoke rubber stamps. Considering that there is a range of companies that provide this type of services and products, including, selecting the right provider and paying attention to the most important aspects when designing the stamp can be quite challenging. Here are some useful tips to help you with this matter.

Find the best provider

First and foremost, you have to initiate an online research and to look for the most appreciated companies that provide rubber stamps. Make a list of the ones that catch your attention and start asking around about each of them to see what past customers have to say about the products and the services they were provided with.

Consider adding the name of the company

Once you have found your rubber stamp provider, it is time you start working on designing the product you need. Begin with the name of the company, as this is a must-have element on your stamps. It should be well placed in order to be easily seen and read.

Consider adding the office address

Another essential element that should not miss from your rubber stamp is the office address. Although this one does not necessarily have to be bold as in the case of the company name, it should still be visible and concise. At this step you have to take into account the target audience of your company. In case it is global, you may have to add some nation or state details in the address. In case it is local, these details are not mandatory.

Consider the phone number

It is also crucial that next to the office address you also include a phone or mobile number in order to make it easier for your business partners to contact you in case they misplace your number. Just as in the case of office address, the targeted audience is worth considering, in the sense that if your customers and clients are mostly foreigners, it would be best to add the country or state telephone code.

Include the email address

Compared to the office address or the phone number, the email address has a much greater influence and importance. It must be included on your rubber stamp considering the technology savvy environment nowadays, whether your targeted audience is represented by local customers or by global ones.

Company logo and company slogan – optional

If you want to bring an add value to your rubber stamps, you can take into account the possibility to include the company logo in the stamp designing process. This will make your company feel more present and will make customers remember you easier. Also, including the company slogan can have a powerful effect, but keep in mind that this can only be possible if the slogan is short or if you order rubber stamps of larger size.