Determining the responsibilities of your babysitter

Considering that parents are bombarded with images of perfect babysitters everywhere they look, whether it’s Supernanny or Mary Poppins, it is understandable why they would be confused regarding the responsibilities of their sitter. The fact is that there are no clear rules regarding what falls into the list of responsibilities of a babysitter, aside from actually sitting with the child, which is why parents should discuss these details before hand, either with the babysitting agencies London they are working with or with their sitter directly.

What responsibilities can be appointed to a babysitter?

As a rule of thumb, the responsibilities of a babysitter can include light housekeeping, cooking and feeding the child, helping with homework in case your child is older or changing diapers and preparing bottles for younger babies, making snacks, transporting children to their soccer practice or any other activity they might have, getting them ready for bed and doing all kinds of family activities together such as games or crafts. With this being said, how many of these tasks you choose to give to your sitter is entirely up to you, on her age and on how much you are willing to pay her. Obviously, the more services you expect, the larger the hourly rate will be. To this extent, this is how you should manage the situation:

Discuss your expectations

Communication is the key to everything and it is best to be as direct as possible and tell your agency or candidate what you expect to receive. Make sure that they understand that your primary concern is the well-being of your child and that you want additional services as well. If you discuss everything in detail from the beginning and establish the hourly rate you are willing to offer, there will be no misinterpretations later on and you will have a great collaboration together. Not all sitters are willing to provide full services, which is why it is best to discuss these things before you sign any contract or choose to hire a person.

Assess qualifications

This is how you can make sure that the safety of your child is taken care of. Of course, your expectations can differ if you hire someone to take care of your child for a few hours while you have a dinner date or if you hire someone long-term. You should look for a babysitter that will be most suitable for the needs of your child. For instance, if your daughter is struggling with math, you should hire someone with excellent results in this field who will be able to help with her homework. You might also want to hire someone who can offer CPR, but at the same time if you really like that person, you can offer to pay for her classes.

If you communicate as much as possible with your babysitter, you will reach common grounds and be happy with the services you receive. It is very important to discuss with the person that will take care of your child, because this is how you can be certain that your kid is in good hands.