Do all electronic cigarettes have nicotine?


Let’s face it. Traditional smoking knows decay. And we shouldn’t be sorry for that. Healthier alternatives emerged on the market, making the smoking experience different. Even the term is different. “Vaping” is what E-cigarette smoking is known as. So, different era with different approach. However, a question might be born inside your head. “Do electronic cigarettes have nicotine?” you may be asking. The answer is simple: only if you want to. Notorious retailers like Vapourlicious explain how this is possible and how does that affect your vaping experience. Below are some pieces of information you might find useful.

E-cigarette liquid has different concentrations of nicotine

Because E-cigarette smokers are trying to quit traditional smoking or alternatively, have succeeded in doing so, liquid comes in a variety of concentrations. Because quitting is not as easy as it might seem, those in their initial phase, always go for liquids with higher concentrations of nicotine. 36/48mg of nicotine is what experts call an “extra high” nicotine level. While the time passes, the E-cigarette smoker can decrease the concentration, until it reaches 0 mg of nicotine. Kicking the habit might not be easy. This can require a fairly big amount of time. Reaching no nicotine concentrations depends on each individual. However, it is possible.

What does each level of nicotine indicates?

Just like normal cigarettes, E-cig liquid comes in different concentrations of nicotine. The reason behind this is because nicotine is a highly addictive substance and quitting is not always as easy. A gradual reduction of nicotine levels is the best way of getting rid of this habit. For example, a 36/48 mg of nicotine concentration is usually used by hard smokers, in their initial phase, because it is the highest concentration available. In general, this is the equivalent of a two pack per day habit. Then comes the 24 mg nicotine concentration, which is also a very high concentration. This is appropriate for individuals in their first phase, who usually smoked at least a pack per day. Now, to the middle range, we have the 18 mg nicotine concentration of the e-liquid, which is appropriate for either those in their advanced quitting phases, either for beginners who usually smoked under a pack per day. For those who are comfortable with lower levels of nicotine there is the 12 mg nicotine alternative. It is the equivalent of light traditional cigarettes. On the low concentration spectrum, we have the 6 mg concentration alternative. This liquid is next to the no nicotine liquid. As you may guess, the 0 mg concentration of nicotine is the lowest and it is perfect for those who succeeded in quitting, but have a hard time of getting rid of the act itself, or the oral fixation, how it is also called.

Here are some pieces of information you might find useful if you consider switching from traditional smoking to vaping. This is the greatest alternative for those who have a hard time managing the process.