Don’t fall for these car hire myths


There are billions of trips happening around the globe every year. Whether they are by plane, by car or via any other means of transportation, it is for sure that everyone wants to travel comfortably and as fast as possible, especially if they are on business trips. If you travel by plane, yet the meeting you have to attend is not close to the airport, consider resorting to companies that provide car hire Manchester airport transfer services. Due to misinformation, many myths related to car rental companies have emerged in the past years, so here are some popular ones.

There is no reservation needed

One of the most common myths is that people pay the same price for car hire services regardless of whether they have made a reservation prior to their arrival to the airport or not. Truth is the price can be significantly higher if you demand car rental the same day rather than booking a car several days ahead, which is why it is advisable to make a reservation some time before your arrival.

It is designed only for the rich

Many people think of car rental services as a luxurious option that they would have to pay a great deal of money on, when in fact it is not true. Travelling by your own car from one country to another is not only time-consuming, but it can cost you a lot more than travelling by plane and renting a car to pick you up at the airport. Also, most car rental companies nowadays provide great offers that can fit every type of budget. The secret is to look for the best company and what better place to start the research other than the World Wide Web.

All damages are charged and have to be paid by the customer

This is definitely among the most popular myths regarding car rental services. There is a certain type of customer that always makes up stories about a friend of a friend who was charged for the smallest damages after renting a car. However, there are very few situations in which a car rental company charges customers for damages and the conditions in which damages are chargeable are most of the times stated in the rental contract so that the customer can be aware of them from the very beginning.

All things considered, these are some of the most popular car rental myths you should definitely not fall for!