Eccentric ideas for an amazing home decor

If you are tired of your house old décor or you move into a new house, decorating is necessary. There are a lot of styles you can choose from when it comes to arranging or rearranging your home, and sometimes the choice is difficult. Of course, the most important thing is having a house that reflects your personal tastes and personality. If you are an eccentric person, then you must read about these unconventional ideas of house décor.


The uncommon use of metal

There is something about metal that makes people think about industry and factories. Well, you can actually use it as part of the décor in your own home. For example, if having a white, blank ceiling is not your cup of tea, you can bring some extravaganza to your house with a metal ceiling design. It is perfect for an industrial style but you can also adapt it to rustic or modern. You can also use metal wall art obtained by metal pressing on your walls if paintings are too boring for you.

Industrial style – never out of fashion

Industrial style will never be out of fashion, and surely, it is not dull. This style achieves aesthetic balance by combining cold, hard, unusual materials like bricks, cement and metal with soft touches like wool, cotton and even silk. You can let your imagination fly as far as you want. It is recommended to use neutral colors like beige, brown, light grey with cold ones like silver, blue, and purple. For a bold look, you can even place pipes around  the living room or bedroom.

Colour your kitchen

If you are a nonconformist person, then a kitchen covered in pale shades is not for you. Choose hues like red, orange, yellow to make the place look vivid and fun. You can also opt for wallpapers with different models. Use big chandeliers instead of small bulbs for a great impact. Again, you can use metal in tables, chairs or sideboards. If your kitchen has open space to the living room, a glass room divider is an elegant and interesting object to use, and you can keep the same décor style in both rooms.

A daring bathroom

The bathroom, such as the rest of your home mirrors your personality. You can decorate it as unusual as you like. For example, replace hone with river rock floor for a natural aspect or use a tub made of zinc. You can also apply different kind of wallpapers, depending on the style you prefer.