Efficient Gadgets that Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

To be happy, productive, and healthy, you need to get the necessary eight hours of sleep every night.
This might be hard sometimes, and some might even suffer from mild insomnia, making it hard for them to fall asleep at appropriate hours in order to wake up feeling energized instead of waking up feeling like a train wreck. To get a good sleep, you can change your diet, drink tea, get special supplements, workout, or even use different useful gadgets. In the following lines you will find some interesting and efficient gadgets that you can use to get a better night’s sleep, therefore take a look if you are interested in using these ingenious gadgets.

Ecotones Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep

The best rated sound machines produce not just white noise, but numerous other soothing sounds as well. This amazing sound machine costs only $150, and once you understand how it helps your sleep, you will realize the price is a real bargain.

The Sound+Sleep sound machine uses a technology that has the ability to listen to your background, detecting any disruptive ambient noise and responding immediately to it by remixing the sound profiles and neutralizing the intrusive sound without being disruptive to your sleep. In addition, in comes with ten sound stories that help you get a soothing and peaceful sleep. The thematic of these sound stories are meadow, city, brook, white noise, fireplace, ocean, train, rainfall, meditation, and waterfall. That being said, it is no wonder that this is one of the best rated sound machines.

BluBlocker Glasses

Unfortunately, even if we shouldn’t be watching TV, playing on the computer or laptop, and using our phones before going to bed, all of us do it every single night. The problem is that by doing these things before we intend to go to bed, we are kept awake not only by how interesting they are, but by the fact that they reduce the production of melatonin. By wearing the BluBlocker glasses, this won’t be a problem anymore, because they use amber lenses to shield your eyes from the blue light, therefore you won’t be able to stay up too late catching up on your favorite TV show anymore, and you will be finally able to sleep at a normal hour.


LIFX comes at the price of $100, and it’s a Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulb that produces many colors, and which you can control with the use of your smartphone or tablet. If you need to fall asleep, set the light bulb on deep red, use light purple if you want to relax and slow down your heart rate, and light orange if you want to wake up peacefully. In addition, to help you wake up feeling perfect, the LIFX light bulb has a new feature that will gradually increase the light in the room, waking you up gently.