Ending your marriage legally in Orange County

The end of a marriage is most of the times a difficult moment for both partners. However, when things are not going the right way, there is nothing left to do other than finding a legal method to solve the situation. Divorce processes are very common in Orange County and since laws are slightly different from one state to another, you may want to be informed before hiring an attorney and starting the procedure. For more information, rest assured there are plenty of details you can find on the internet, such as this relevant OC divorce infographic. It is very important to be aware of what will follow and get prepared.

Learn about the timeline

One of the most relevant pieces of information people are not aware of (or tend to neglect) is that no couple can get divorced in less than six months. This is the mandatory period required by law, so if you live in California, this small but significant detail is likely to affect your future plans, unless you take it into consideration from the beginning. Of course, you can take care of all the paperwork within these six months, but the judge will not finalize the process faster than this.

Hire a professional

Remember that it is quite complicated to deal with the procedure yourself, which is why you are recommended to hire a professional divorce attorney. There are several reliable and dedicated law firms in Orange County, such as Avvo Profile. Get in touch with them, present them your situation and listen to their advice: these people have seen so many cases that they will immediately let you know what you need to do to solve everything in a fast and efficient manner.

Get your facts straight

If you are the one who is filling the petition and asking for the divorce, from a legal point of view, you will immediately become the “Petitioner”. The other side, namely your soon to become ex-partner will be known as the “Respondent”, as they have to respond to your demand. there are several documents you have to take care of, but make sure these are all completed according to the forms of the Orange County Family Law Court – Lamoreaux Justice Center.

Financial matters

Taking into consideration that you and your spouse are going to go on separate ways, you also need to find a solution to separate your belongings. This is normally the greatest problem for most couples, and most of the times, the task requires the intervention of a professional bailiff. You will have to fill in a Declaration of Disclosure, Schedule of Assets and Debts and also an Income and Expense Declaration. In addition to this, the Respondent will also have to complete these documents. It may sound like a lot of trouble, but all these papers will actually help authorities establish how the procedure is going to happen. It is very important that the other party also collaborates, for a faster finalization.