Essential and Optional Furniture in Student Homes

Moving out and going to university is a big step and even the most outgoing, individualistic student is likely to experience at least a bit of homesickness. When viewing student accommodation options, there are many things that you should keep in mind and, after you cross the essentials of the list (good water pressure, a good bathroom, cleanliness, and insulation) you’ll get to the topic of furniture. You’ll meet landlords who just offer you the basics, as well as landlords who have every furniture item you can think of. The quality and comfort of your accommodation will make things better for you as a student living away from home. The more you like your new home, the faster you will get used to the place and no longer feel lonely and awkward. You should focus on equipping your home with items that provide you comfort, not luxury, and the main aspect to take care of should be your mattress. For added assistance, here are some furniture related tips and tricks that you can use when looking for student accommodation Aberdeen.

What are the basics?

Everyone has different ideas on what the perfect student home should look like. But, no matter the tastes, your new home needs to have the absolute basics. These are, of course, an office table for studying and a clean bed with a mattress that must allow the students to get the rest they need. With a single click on, students can find detailed information on the prices, sizes, and support levels of various models of mattresses. Basic kitchen furniture (table and chairs) should also be included. If someone tries to see you a student home that doesn’t have these basics, it’s not worth it.

Optional furniture to feel more at home

Everyone can agree that a house with just the basics can feel quite austere and, if this house is also new and unfamiliar, then you probably won’t feel at your best. A few extra furniture items will make you feel more at home and settle in faster. Some landlords either offer improved versions of basic furniture, or extras such as sofas, armchairs, big wardrobes, and countertops. These are definitely useful and will make your student life much easier, but does it mean that you should only sign a contract for improved student housing?

Which improvements are worth the price?

A student house or apartment that offers more than the basics will always cost more than one with basic furniture. Usually, higher rent is worth it, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be scammed by certain landlords. It is common practice among some to take advantage of the furniture they offer and demand unreasonable rent. To avoid paying more money than you have to, assess your needs and only accept a higher rent when you really need the extra furniture. For example, if a landlord is trying to sell you expensive student accommodation with hardwood bookcases and state of the art lighting, but you don’t need them, don’t let yourself be tricked into signing for the place.

Establish long-term goals and priorities

Would you rather pay more for a fully furnished house or pay less for basic accommodation and buy your own furniture when you need it? If you choose the latter, can you know for sure that it is a practical long term option and that you can take your purchases when you move out? To make sure you take good decisions, look for advice from older students or ask your parents for help!