FAQs about electronic cigarettes – things you should know

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, people have many doubts regarding whether these cigarettes are safer than tobacco ones or not. It is worth mentioning that some doctors actually recommend these electronic cigarettes to those people who try to quit smoking and there are many people who have actually agreed to the fact that they managed to quit smoking through these e-cigs. In case you are interested in purchasing some Canadian eliquid for your electronic cigarette, you should do some research on the internet and look for the best provider in your region. Here are the most frequently asked questions related to these e-cigs.

What exactly are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or more commonly known as e-cigs, are battery-powered systems that deliver nicotine. They come in a wide range of styles, flavours and even sizes. The system onto which they work is based on heating the liquid inside the cigarette and then turning it into a vapour that is both colourless and odourless, which the user inhales.

Are they different from tobacco cigarettes?

Many people believe that there is no significant difference between e-cigs and tobacco cigs, but they could not have been any more wrong. It is scientifically proven that tobacco cigarettes are responsible for causing more than 80% of lung cancer deaths, due to the numerous chemicals inside them. There is no smoke when using e-cigs, because they involve no combustion, not to mention the fact that they do not contain any offensive odours, carbon monoxide or second-hand smoke. The eliquid is heated in order to vaporize the solution inside.

Are they safe?

As it was previously mentioned, these e-cigs are carbon monoxide free and they do not involve combustion. It is true that since they contain nicotine, they cannot be considered 100% safe, but the level of nicotine is far lower compared to tobacco cigarettes, which makes these e-cigarettes safer than the tobacco ones. Many experts agree that switching from traditional cigarettes to these smoke-free ones can actually reduce health risks. People who smoke e-cigs can be considered nearly as healthy as non-smokers, because the nicotine level is significantly reduced.

Are there any e-cigarettes that look and taste like real cigarettes?

Many people who decide to switch from tobacco to electronic cigarette ask this question. They believe that they will not be able actually to quit smoking unless their e-cigarette tastes like a real cigarette. The answer to this question is no, there is no e-cig that has the same flavour as a burning tobacco. Even though there are numerous flavours for e-cigs available on the market, none of them can actually replace the real taste of a burning tobacco. However, most people who have made this switch claimed that after a few weeks of using e-cigs they have reached the conclusion that it is only the performance that matters, and not the looks.

Overall, these are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to electronic cigarettes. If you want to have a healthier life but cannot for the moment quit smoking for real, replacing tobacco cigarettes with e-cigs is probably the best option for you.