Features to look for in an automatic lawn mower

Living in a big house and having a big back yard is the dream of every person. However, this might turn into a bargain when having to spend all day long mowing the lawn. Instead of spending time with your family and friends, you have to mow the lawn at least every once in a week. Why waste this precious time doing such an activity when you can opt for an automatic lawn mower and solve this problem. Below there is a list of the main features to look for in a robot lawn mower in order to help you get a clearer idea.

Multi-zone capability

When searching for an automatic lawn mower, multi-zone capability is one of the most important features to look for. Having this option available means that you can use the mower on different types of lawn. This is definitely a feature to take into account, especially for those who have to manage various lawns.

The mower’s blades

The types of blades the mower comes with are also quite important. It is worth mentioning that there are two types of blade systems and those are the fixed and the pivot blade system. In case of the pivot blade system, the machine can continue mow the lawn even if it hits a rock or other hard object. As far as fixed blades are concerned, the device can stop or it can get stuck when hitting hard objects. As a result, it is recommended to opt for a robot lawn mower that has pivot blade system.

Choose a mower appropriate for the size of your garden

This is another criterion people have to take into consideration when resorting to a certain automatic lawn mower. There are numerous types of mowers available on the market, each coming in different size, colour and with different features. It is advisable to choose the mower according to the size of your garden, because there are mowers that are bigger than others and that are used for bigger gardens for instance. In case you have such a big garden, you should consider purchasing a bigger robot lawn mower too, because this way the entire activity will take far less time.

The height adjustment feature

This feature allows the user to decide upon the size the grass should have after being mowed and set the machine to cut the grass to the specific size. Most mowers have the cutting height between 20 and 60 mm, so you can opt for the height you want.


Many professional robot lawn mowers have this feature. This allows the user to set the device start mowing the lawn in a specific day of the week, or even every day, at a specific hour. This is definitely a great benefit because you no longer have to start the machine every time you need.

Anti-theft feature

Many people leave their lawn mowers in the garden and thieves might be tempted to enter and steal it when there is no one around to see them. It is important to look for mowers that also have anti-theft systems.