Give the rug a deep clean

Carpet-cleaning professionals say that it is important to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis, this being the most effective way of keeping it clean. However, you will be surprised to find out that vacuuming misses a lot of dirt. The problem is not necessarily with the vacuum cleaner, but rather with the rug. Once dirt goes into it, it does not come out easily. What you need to do is give the rug a deep clean in order to make your living space feel refreshed and invigorated. To accomplish this task you will need rug cleaning supplies and some useful tips.

Start by vacuuming

You should vacuum at least three or four times a week to make sure the rug lasts for a long time. Experts point out that the quality of the vacuuming machines makes a huge difference. The more performing the vacuuming machine is, the more dirt it will remove. The motor of the device you are using should be powerful enough to remove the dirt, sand and debris that has gone into the carpet. However, sooner or later, you will need to wash the rug, especially if there are spills on it.

Deep clean

The first thing that you will need to do is to determine whether the rug is washable or not. The fact is that some carpets allow only dry-cleaning, so it is necessary to consult the care label. Once you have established that your carpet is washable, you can put it into the washing machine. If you want to reduce the risk of tangling long fringes, place the mat into a mesh laundry bag or even a pillow case. This will protect it from the agitator. Consider using either the gentle cycle or wash the carpet in cold water. If you have an area rug, then you should deep clean it evert 12 or 18 months. When using commercial products for the first time, test a small area so as to make sure that the solution will not affect the material.

Steam clean

Steam cleaning is another deep cleansing process that you can consider using. This process combines the use of chemicals and high-pressure blast of water in order to remove dirt from various materials. The dirt and the grime are immediately dislodged from the carpet fibres and the cleaner also uses a strong vacuum to retrieve the excess detergent. The hand held device that was used exclusively for carpet cleansing will help you sanitise other surfaces around the home as well. A pressure cleaning device is useful for sprucing up the kitchen countertop or the bathroom sink.

Tackle stains

If you got a dirty rug, then you need to make it spotless. The good news is that there is no lack of cleaning options, so if you would like to take care of a spill, you can do it by hand. What you need is a reliable carpet stain remover. Not only do they work immediately, but they will improve the look of the mat as well. When you are disinfecting, make sure to open the windows and run the fans so as to avoid respiratory problems. Remove the furniture from the room because they may get stained from the solution.