Guide to prepare your vehicle for transport


If you want to transport your car from your house to another place, then you should know that there are many companies that can help you. But, you are the one who will have to prepare the car to make sure that it does not experience any damage, because the majority of car owners ignore this aspect. If you know how to prepare the vehicle in this situation, you will minimize the risk of being damaged during transport.

Check your car for existing damage

The majority of people are not aware of the damage their car features. But when you will have the car transported, and it will arrive to the destination, you will definitely check its state. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check it, for the pre-existing damage, because it is important to inform the transporter on the issues it features. You should thoroughly wash the vehicle, because in this way you will notice the dents, chips, scratches and other similar cosmetic issues. Make sure to write them down, to have a complete record. Before you hire a company specialized in car transport, you should take pictures of the vehicle from different angles. And if you notice any damage, make sure to take close-ups, because they may get worse during transportation. In addition, you should not forget to date the photos and documents, and talk with the transport service provider to see if they make an official document including these details.

Remove the personal things from the car

According to the destination, the vehicle may be loaded and unloaded several times, and its interior and exterior will be inspected. This is the reason why the majority of car transport service providers ask people to leave the car unlocked. And this is why you should make sure to remove your personal items from the vehicle. If you remove the GPS system, the personalized radio and the other valuable items you may have. You should not take your car for transport loaded with your personal items. The majority of car transporters refuse to take the vehicles if they contain personal belongings.

Tips to prepare the vehicle for moving

The vehicle is not driven too much during the process, but you should make sure that it is functional. In case your vehicle is inoperable, you should inform the provider of services from the beginning. If your car features mechanical issues, then they may lead to delays, and it can even get damaged, because the transporter will not know what to expect from. You should prepare the vehicle for transport, and the first thing you have to check is the battery, because it has to be full charged. In addition, the state of the tires is important. The transporter may ask you to not take off some of the fuel from the tank, because it will be easier to transport a light weighted car. A month before you plan to transport the car, you should pay attention to the way it functions, because if it features any mechanical issues you will have to fix them. Make sure to offer the driver instructions, if the vehicle is transported when it is damaged.