How to change a boat exhaust manifold


You have just got your fishing boat back after routine inspection. There seems to be nothing wrong with your precious boat, but you were advised to change the exhaust manifold. You have had the boat for some time now. More precisely, 6 years. There is no better time like the present to change the exhaust manifold. If you do not replace the marine exhaust manifold, it will cause hot spots within the engine. Even if the manifold does not overheat, it will result in expensive problems. What you need to do is replace the equipment before it fails. If you need manifold help, keep on reading. In this article, we will explain how to replace a boat manifold.

Get the engine ready  

The most important part of making your exhaust setup last is preparation. Preparation is key, no matter what you do. The boat engine is not similar to a car engine, meaning that you have easy access to the equipment. Open the engine compartment and remove the bolt holding the exhaust manifold in place. A great number of manifolds come with bits of casting pieces. It is recommendable to get rid of these pieces before installing the equipment. Checking the gaskets is essential. Make sure that the surface of the gaskets is clean and that the bolts and other parts are in a reusable condition. It is not always necessary to remove the gaskets. If they are in an excellent condition, there is no need to replace them.

Install the exhaust manifold

Now that everything is ready to go, it is time to pass onto the installation phase. Obviously, you need to set the boat exhaust manifold in place, installing the bolts in the right place. When doing so, you will need to make sure not to disturb the gaskets. You should never use lubricants unless you are instructed to do so. To know for sure what you should and what you should not do, check the original manufacturer’s service manual. In the case that you do not dispose of one, get in touch with a professional equipment dealer. They will surely be able to walk you through the process.

Test the boat engine

You think that your job is done once you have installed the new marine exhaust manifold. Well, you are wrong. It is still necessary to perform a test and see whether the engine. You have to do this while the parts are still warm. Start the engine and wait until it reaches its operating temperature. What happens now is that the exhaust gaskets become airtight and fill in the gaps. Make sure that there are not any leaks. If the motor is running fine, you do not have anything to worry about. It will not let you down when you need it the most.

Whether you need parts and supplies or help, contact an established dealer. The tech department will gladly offer you help. Anyway, do not wait until corrosion sets in to change the boat exhaust manifold.