How to Get Legal Help In A Foreign Country


It’s not often when you travel abroad that you find yourself in the situation of needing legal help. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, you may not be able to ask the help of the consulate and embassy, because there are cases when they cannot act as attorneys or agents. In this situation, you have to figure out by yourself, and it is advisable to have some basic knowledge of the process from home, because you may never know what you will have to deal with. If you read online guides, you will see that it is important to get an interpreter in court, because if you do not know the language you will not be able to communicate with the officials. Here are some things you have to know if you need legal help in a foreign country.

Hire a legal translator

In case you need legal help abroad, then you should hire one of the legal translators from a specialized agency, because they will help you avoid errors in understanding the charges. They have experience in this domain, so they will make sure that they will properly translate you the legal paperwork and you will understand what you are dealing with. These type of professionals handle different types of legal documents and they can even recommend you an interpreter for your meetings and court hearings.

What type of lawyer should you hire?

Depending on the country where you travel, you may need to hire a solicitor or barrister. They can appear in court, a solicitor is the one who offers you advice and prepares your case for the barristers. In some countries you may have to hire a notary, because they have the role to draft documents such as transfers of property and wills. Depending on the state where you travel, the Ministry of Justice may appoint the notary. They can also have administration functions and prepare settlement of estates. In case you deal with a legal issue, then you can contact a legal consultant, because they can offer you advice on the way you have to deal with the legal issue according to the national rules and regulations.

Tips to select a lawyer

If you need to hire a lawyer, and the one you work with home is not able to travel, or they are not specialised in foreign legal issues, then you should make sure that you carefully choose the one who will represent you in a foreign court. It is important to work with one who has experience in the type of issues you are dealing with, and who is qualified to represent your interest. You should interview them and ask them specific questions about your case, and if they do not offer you comprehensible answers, then you should’nt hire them. Until you are not satisfied with the way, the lawyer responds to your questions, you should not offer them any funds or documents. Also, do not forget to check the lawyer-client confidentiality laws of the country.