How to Keep Your Pet Entertained when You are Not Home

The most difficult thing to do when you are a pet owner is to leave the little rascal alone when you have to go to work or shopping. The sad face they make when you go away might be adorable, but it will definitely break your heart, because you know that the animal will wait for you, feeling sad until you arrive back home.
Read the following lines to find out how you can keep your darling pet entertained while you’re away from home, keeping the animal focused on having fun instead of waiting for your arrival in front of the door.

Toys that dispense food

No matter if you have a dog , a cat, or even a pig as a pet, you need to keep it occupied while you’re away from home, and food-dispensing toys are a great way to distract the attention of the pet from your disappearance.
By giving the animal a toy that dispenses food, you not only keep it entertained because it gets to play around with it, but you make sure the pet is getting enough treats while you are gone as well.
In addition, by using it you won’t come back home to find a trail of food around the house, because the animal won’t be able to throw the food around like it would normally.

Chew toys

Chew toys are essential if you have a dog as a pet. Dogs feel a lot of stress when they are left alone, and they will definitely try to munch on anything they find to relieve the stress they are feeling.
If you buy the pet chew toys and make him get accustomed with them, the next time you leave the dog alone it will focus all its energy on the toy, instead of focusing it on your pillows.
Also, in addition to keeping the animal entertained, the chew toys that are indestructible will help keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Cat scratching post

While you might love your adorable kitty, you definitely don’t like what happens if you leave it home alone and it starts to get bored.
Cats are notorious house wreckers, and your precious furniture might suffer great consequences if the cat isn’t entertained.
The problem is that cats feel the need to scratch, they don’t do it without a reason. Scratching actually helps these animals to mark their territory with the scent glands located in their paws, and the scratching action helps them remove any old material from their claws.
Therefore, buy a cat scratching post to make sure you cat has an item of her own to scratch on instead of using your couch for this action.
It’s not an expensive item, and you’re guaranteed to come back home to find your house intact if you buy it for the cat.

Soothing music

Don’t be surprised by this, because if you think about it, it’s perfectly logical. Animals, as well as us, feel more relaxed when listening to music.
Of course, you have to use classical music for this to happen, not heavy metal, but the idea is that a background of soothing music will calm the animal if it tends to get agitated when you leave.