How to tell if you have to take your cat to the doctor

If you do not have a cat you might find shocking the cases when the owner comes to the vet with the pet in an extremely poor state. The majority of people do not notice that their cat is sick, and here we are not talking about neglectful owners. Cats give very subtle hints that they are not feeling well, and even the most concerned and caring people could miss them sometimes. So if you consider that you have a hard time trying to identify what is wrong with your pet, then you should take the cat more often to the vet, because she is the type of animal that has the ability to hide signs when she is sick. This is because when a cat acts sick in the wild she is in the danger of being hunt. The best way to check if your cat is sick is to take her to the vet for regular checkups.

Your cat experiences changes in appetite

One sign that your cat may suffer from a disease is if she eats too little or too much. If you notice a change in her appetite then you should make an appointment to the dyreklinikk to see if she is sick. Many health issues can lead to a change in appetite and only the veterinarian can investigate them. You should expect during the visit, the vet to take ultrasounds and blood work.

The cat has a stinky breath

If the pet suffers from tooth decay or gum disease then the first sign of the disease is a foul odor coming from her mouth. If you want to protect your cat from this health issues and to avoid taking her to the rehabilitering dyr you can try to brush her teeth. In case you notice that the cat breath smells like ammonia, then you should take her to the doctor because it can be a sign of kidney disease.

Changes in the cat’s weight

In case you notice that your cat has lost weight in the last period, then this can be a sign that she suffers from a health issue. Weight loss can be a sign of cancer or thyroid disease. Also if she gained a lot of weight recently, you should consider taking her to the vet because even cats can suffer from obesity. In time obesity can have a negative impact on your pet’s health and can influence her lifespan or lead to tumors and arthritis.

Pay attention to changes in grooming

In case you see that your cat is not grooming as she used to do it, then you should take her for a check, because this can be a sign of skin disease. In case your car over grooms herself, then she will end up with bald patches. Also, if she experiences mange, fleas or skin parasites then she will over groom and you should take her to the vet to solve this issue. Any change in her activity can be a sign of health issue so you should pay attention to all of them.