Immigrating to Canada to start a business

Canada has established many economic programs with the purpose of attracting people with capital, namely investors, to contribute to the national economy. The truth is that the country provides some of the popular investment immigration programs, offering people as well as their immediate families the unique chance of becoming permanent residents in less than three years. If you are contemplating the idea of expanding your business, you should take the road to Canada right away. The country wants as many entrepreneurs as possible and you have the opportunity of choosing from many economic programs. For economic programs, visit

Why consider investing in Canada

If you are on the search of a prosperous country, then you will be glad to hear that Canada is just that. At present, the economy is characterized by an increase and there is no sign that it will go downwards any time soon. The Canadian equity markets play an essential role in the global financial market, not to mention that investors have preferential access to the EU and. This is the reason why you are not likely to see investors exiting the country. Undoubtedly, there are many other reasons why this country is the ideal one to build your business. Besides the strong economic growth that some areas enjoy, particularly the Province of Quebec, potential investors enjoy low business costs and quality living conditions. High class education is affordable and the national health programs are unbeatable.

Programs you can apply for

Those interested in immigrating to Canada have the chance of enrolling in several programs. While there are various economic programs, we are going to discuss only the main ones:

  • Entrepreneur programs – these kinds of economic programs seek to attract experienced business people. The goal is to convince people to come to the country and create jobs. If you are planning to start a new business in Canada, you should have a minimum amount of net assets. If you do not lay the foundations of a new business, you should at least acquire equity in a qualifying business and, of course, take charge of it.
  • Investor programs – immigrant investors are required to have a minimum of 1,600 000$. Either personally or together with a spouse. To be considered an investor, you have to have at least 2 years of management experience, in other words to possess solid managerial skills.
  • Self-employed worker programs – to be eligible for a self-employed worker program, you must come to Canada and create your own job. This means that you have to practice the profession or trade that you learned. It is also necessary to have a certain amount of cash with you.

The bottom line: Is Canada a good choice

Compared to other countries, it can be easily asserted that Canada is the better choice from an economic standpoint. Not only is it conveniently located in the western world, but it is home to a multicultural work force. So you do not have to worry about overcoming cultural barriers. The point is that there is no reason why you and your family should relocate to the northern half of North America.