Inflatable Vs. Rigid Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you want to go for standup paddleboarding, then you must make sure you get the right board for your needs. These products come in more than just one model, and each type is specially built for a certain purpose, which is why both professional and beginner boarders are advised to check out multiple boards in order to discover the perfect SUP for them. In this article, we will talk a bit about inflatable vs rigid stand-up paddle boards so that you know exactly which of these models is right for you.

Pros and cons of inflatable stand up paddle boards

Inflatable vs rigid standup paddle boards. Let’s talk a bit about these two models. Inflatable paddle boards are without a doubt very easy to transport. Furthermore, if you live in a small house or apartment, you will also find very easy to store them. You can even have more than just one because you will definitely find room for them. When deflated, an inflatable standup paddleboard is compact and quite small, and it will fit easily into a large carry bag. An item like this is also very easy to take with you when traveling, which is absolutely great. If you are a beginner, then a product like this is perfect for you. The softer surface will cushion your fall. You will definitely be less likely to feel the impact. Furthermore, they are very stable, which is another advantage for beginners or children. Durability is another advantage of inflatable boards.
There are some disadvantages as well. For example, these models are not very easy to maneuver. Moreover, they are not cheap either. Although you will pay quite a huge amount of money for a product like this, at least will last a long period of time.

Pros and cons of rigid stand up paddle boards

When it comes to rigid stand-up paddle board, the advantages are multiple. For example, they are extremely fast, and therefore, perfect for professionals. Moreover, they are also very easy to maneuver. One of the biggest disadvantages of these models is that they are quite big, and storage can be a big problem if you do not have a big house. Furthermore, if you want to travel, then you will find quite difficult to take a rigid paddle board with you. If you travel by plane, you will definitely have to pay lots of money for the transport. These models are without a doubt perfect for those who already know how to ride a paddleboard. They are not recommended for the beginners.