Interviewing your divorce attorney: ask these questions


Filling for divorce is a life-changing decision. You might feel regret after ending your life-long relationship with the person you loved the most on this earth or you might rejoice at the feeling of freedom. You might think with fear about the future after remaining alone or you might embrace independency with excitement. Regardless of the situation, you must leave all the emotions aside and direct your full attention towards finding and hiring the best lawyer out there to help you get through divorce with success. If you have children, the situation becomes even more complicated because you need to discuss about custody, alimony and more, apart from the basics, which include splitting marital assets, negotiating and agreeing on a settlement. The reality is that you cannot face a divorce process without a legal representative, especially in court. For this reason, choosing an experienced Vegas divorce attorney becomes imperative. In order to determine if you should hire a lawyer, ask him these questions first.

Ask about his knowledge, experience, skills and fee

You want to start by acquiring information about his knowledge, experience and skills. Therefore, questions like “Are you specialized or certified in family law?” and “How many trials did you complete successfully?” might give you a hint regarding the competence of your attorney. Secondly, you should familiarize yourself with his general strategy or approach to similar cases. Does he usually incline towards mediation? How many times did he go to trial? Does he know private investigators or child psychologists who could play a relevant role in this case? Case management also represents an important aspect because you want to be certain that you are about to hire an attorney who will dedicate most of his time evaluating your case and striving to provide positive results. How is he going to contact you and how many times? Does he plan on handling your case personally? What happens if he becomes unavailable? The costs involved matter because you want to know if you can afford his services. Of course, you will do anything it takes to win this battle, but you should still inquire about his hourly fee, different scenarios that might influence the final costs and if he intends to require a retainer.

Make sure that you build good communication

Even though it might sound too personal, you can dare to ask if your lawyer experienced a divorce in the past. This will give you the certainty that he knows exactly what you are going through both financially and emotionally. Moreover, he might show more support and treat your specific case with more attention and interest. If he has children, then he knows exactly what to do in order to make sure that you gain full custody or at least, joined custody. This information might even improve your communication. Make sure that you tell your lawyer that he does not have to go easy with you and that he can tell you the chances of success from the beginning.