Laser tattoo removal – frequently asked questions


If you had a tattoo when you were in college, now you might want to remove it, but you do not know what this procedure implies. Well, you should start with a consultation, because it is important to ask for the advice of a professional in Laser Tattoo removal London. This moment is crucial for every patient, because you can clearly understand what it implies. Also, it is a great opportunity to understand what you know, and if the information you have is right. Here are some frequently asked questions people have in mind when they think of removing their tattoos.

How much will the procedure cost?

The majority of people consider the price the most important factor. It is important to choose the clinic that offers an affordable, but competitive price for their services. It is important to work with an expert who focuses on the value of the procedure and not on the fee. In the majority of cases, it costs ten times the sum you have paid to have the tattoo applied.

How long does it take until the tattoo is gone?

This is a concern for every patient who considers this procedure. You might want to remove it before an important event. You should understand that the removal is related to your body’s ability to eliminate the tattoo ink from your skin. Sometimes it might last a year, but there are cases when it lasts longer. It is recommended to have the laser sessions at an interval of minimum six weeks.

Does the procedure hurt?

You should expect to feel some pain during the laser tattoo removal. The majority of people say that it hurts less that you expect. People say that the procedure of having it removed hurts as the one of having it applied. It is an uncomfortable sensation, but you can bear it.

Will I have a scar?

The majority of people are concerned about this aspect. You want your skin to look as natural as possible when having this procedure. You should know that there would remain a scar in case the tattoo artist has left over your body one, when they applied the ink. If you properly understand the procedure, and you respect the expert’s recommendations, then there is little chance to have a scar. But you should keep in mind that there is common for tattoos to feature scars due to the appliance of ink.