Laundry mistakes you should avoid right now


You wash your clothes not only because you want to clean them, but also because you want to make them feel fresh and smell nice. But, in the majority of cases people have difficulties in making their clothes smell nice, even if they use the right products. You should not be surprised to find out that when you wash your clothes you can contribute in making them smelly, instead of correcting this issue. And in the majority of cases it is not the washing machine’s fault, it may be you the one who does not know how to do the job properly. Here are some mistakes you should make sure you avoid in order to keep your clothes clean and smell nice.

You do not use laundry perfume

You may use a detergent that states that it includes perfume, so you do not add Washer Whiffs, because you think that the detergent is enough. Well, you should know that fabric conditioners have their role, and you should choose one you like its perfume and use it every time you wash your clothes. Laundry perfume makes clothes softener, because it prevents stiffness and you will feel the clothes are softer when you will touch them. Also, you will notice that your clothes will smell nicer, because laundry conditioners are made according to a formula that releases fragrance.

You do not clean your washer

You may have not even considered cleaning the washing machine, because it always has water and soap swirling inside it. But you should know that these devices also need to be cleaned. Washing machines have the tendency to hold moisture and in time, mildew can grow. These two factors make your clothes smell bad and if you want to avoid this, you should make sure that you regularly wash the device. Even if you use products from Wax Melts, you should run an empty cycle with baking soda and hot water, because they are effective in killing the bacteria. Also, you should leave the washer open when you do not use it, to thoroughly dry.

You add too many clothes

The majority of people stuff their washing machines with clothes because they consider that this is a way they can save money. Actually if you do this, you prevent your clothes from being properly laundered, and they will probably smell bad when you take them out of the washer. It is important to be space left for the clothes to move around, and for the detergent to work on the garments.

You use an improper amount of detergent

You may think that if you put a larger amount of detergent, the clothes will better clean. Actually, a higher quantity of detergent will create a layer of foam in the washing machine, and it will hold the bacteria and dirt, and it will prevent them from being washed away. Therefore, if you want your clothes to smell nice, then you should check the instructions from the detergent box and make sure to use the right amount.