Living in a senior center – is it a permanent vacation?

According to studies, there are many people who believe that living in a senior center can be a very depressing thing. But this is not true at all. There are many advantages for saying yes to a senior living community and instead of considering it as a burden, people should think of it as to a permanent vacation.

Some misconceptions about senior living communities – let’s make things clear from the beginning!


There are some who claim that they should abandon their favourite pets, when they decide to move to a senior center. But this is all wrong! If you find the proper community, you will not have to leave your dog or cat. Those who have tried multiple senior living communities before claim that there are some pet friendly communities where both you and your pet can receive a good care. An easy choice for assisted living Coeur d’Alene Idaho is Bestland Senior Living.


Another popular misconception is related to the fact that those who choose living in such centers will not be able to receive visits from their relatives or friends. This is incorrect because your loved ones can visit you anytime they want. Moreover, another popular myth is related to the living conditions. There are some people who say that the accommodations are not so great. But it all depends on what living senior center you choose. There are communities which look like 5 star hotels and you will end up loving them and feeling like you are in an all-time vacation.

Why are senior living communities like a permanent vacation for you?


Firstly, you do not have to take care of housekeeping. There are people who handle this for you periodically. You can even receive linen services and no-cost laundry facilities. And if something goes wrong in your apartment, you do not have to worry because you can ask for maintenance services immediately.


Secondly, all the utilities, including the cable are part of the living community advantages. Therefore, anytime you get bored, you can watch a movie or keep up with everything is new. In fact, getting bored is not an option for elderly people who decide to choose a senior center because they can take part to various creative and social programs. Also, the cultural and recreational outings are also a good option.


Thirdly, if you are one of those who hate shopping, you can ask for a personal shopping service. The only thing you have to do is to provide a list with the products you need and you will receive them as soon as possible. Or, on the contrary, if you love shopping and you find it as a relaxing activity, you can benefit from the transportation services to your favourite stores. The 24-hour emergency services and security are all you need in order to feel safe. And you can find them in modern senior center from Coeur d’Alene.

Moreover, there are some communities which have a beauty salon where you can go every time you want. Nobody is too old to look good!