Misconceptions on private tutoring parents should stop believing


When it comes to private tutoring, whether it is online or face-to-face tutoring, there are many misconceptions parents believe are true. While some believe that the amount of classes children have in school is enough for them to get some good grades in their finals, other parents find private tutoring a necessity and they start searching the Internet for the best 11 Plus mock exams tutors Harrow. Below you will find the most popular myths on private tutoring that are actually not true.


Private tutoring is extremely expensive

The biggest fear most parents have when it comes to sending their children to tutors is that they will spend a great deal of money on this, as private lessons cost a lot. In reality though, prices for tutoring services vary from one tutor to another and there are many factors that can influence the cost. First, it depends on the subject parents want their children to learn more about. Second, there is the means in which the tutoring services are performed – they can be either over the Internet or face-to-face meetings.

Online tutoring is not safe at all

Parents feel reticent when it comes to online tutoring as many of them believe these services are not safe for their children. The truth is there are many online tutoring platforms that are highly appreciated and reputed for providing top quality services. The secret is to do detailed research on the Internet and find experienced and trained tutors to work with.

Tutoring is only used when children fail in classes

Another very common misconception on private tutoring is that it is used for remedial reasons when children fail passing exams in classes. While it is true that sometimes this is a way to help children understand better what they are taught in class, there is a significant number of parents who resort to private tutors in order for their children to learn more on a subject that is actually not being taught in school, such as astrology for instance. Children who are passionate in such subjects choose to work with tutors for enrichment.

Only children can opt for private tutoring

The idea that only children are entitled to work with private tutors is a false one too. You can be a grown-up who is interested in ramping up various skills or one who decides to go back in school and needs someone to put you on the right track. Either way, you can consider private tutoring services too.