Mistakes made by those who are new in the business industry


At the beginning of a career in the Singapore business industry, almost everybody is prone to make mistakes. This is somehow normal, due to the lack of experience and even knowledge. But, the most important aspect is to learn as much as possible from other people’s experience. However, here is a guide to some aspects that experts would like you to know if you plan to open a company.

Common mistake: not choosing a good company name

The name of the company that you are about to open is one of the most important aspects that you should take into consideration if you want to make a good impression to your customers. Thus, you should choose something unique and also relevant for your business area. But, be careful because this aspect can be somehow tricky. For example, there are business owners who want something funny, but, instead, they get something offensive. Also, pay attention to not violating any other trademark. There are many conflicts between the brands who activate on the same industry.

Common mistake: doing everything by your own

When it comes to successful businesses, one thing is sure: you need help and you should not hesitate to ask for it. This is the reason why you should start by searching for the best partners. Despite that, there are companies in Singapore which are able to provide you high-quality services. For example, if you search for Singapore company incorporation, you will a team of highly trained experts who are able to help you with the registration process: starting with choosing the company name and ending to opening a bank account and using secretarial services.

Common mistake: not pay your taxes on time.

No matter how many costs you have to cover, no matter how generous your budget is, paying your taxes and your employees’ salaries are two of the most important aspects. In order to make sure that you do not miss anything, you should ask for the help of your accountant. Not only the secretarial services are important but also hiring a good accountant or a company which can take care of every financial issue that you have to face.

Common mistake: not investing in promotional and marketing strategies

2017 is about marketing and advertising. Thus, in order to become a top priority for your customers, you should draw their attention and then make them trust you. However, there are some marketing tips that you can apply, if you want to succeed. You may start with creating a great logo that people will associate with your company and brand name. Then, you may order some business cards and use them every time you want to keep in touch with the experts. But there is also true that you need help. Search for those experts who say that you can “contact us for free a consultation” and ask them for advice. If the tips that you receive raise your needs and expectations, you can hire them for helping you achieve your goal.