Mistakes to avoid when installing epoxy garage floor

Day after day, the number of people who understand the benefits of installing epoxy floor in their own garages continues to increase, which is also why numerous companies providing this type of services have appeared on the market in the past years. However, in order to make sure you obtain the best results, it is highly important to select the best company in the industry and what other place to start the research better than the internet. You can start with websites such as onwallsolutions.com. Keep in mind that when installing epoxy garage floor properly, you have to avoid these common mistakes.

Not preparing the floor accordingly

One of the most popular mistakes people tend to make the moment they decide to install this type of flooring in their garages is poor floor preparation, especially if they do this on their own, without the help of a professional company. Preparing the concrete accordingly for the floor coating is essential in order to avoid bad finishes or failures, so you have to make sure the surface is clean, free of all waxes, oils or other contaminants that would create fisheyes.

There is moisture in the concrete

Not allowing enough time for the concrete to dry accordingly is another mistake people usually make when installing epoxy. Experts in the domain recommend allowing at least 24 hours for the concrete to dry or even a longer period, depending on the level of humidity and temperature inside the garage, since otherwise, moisture will eventually rise and even create bubbles that will affect the finish.

 Trying to stretch out the epoxy

The moment they realize they are running low on epoxy floor, most people try to stretch it out in order to make sure they cover the entire floor surface, but this is one of the biggest mistakes they can make according to specialists. This will result in weaker coating, less glossy surface as well as a great difference regarding colour appearance. If you want to avoid this mistake, you should buy more material from the very beginning or ask for some professional advice the moment you order the materials.

Not paying attention to humidity and temperature restrictions

Each manufacturer of epoxy comes with specific instructions related to the right way in which this type of flooring should be installed and if not followed, the results will definitely not be the ones expected. There are some clear restrictions related to the right level of humidity and temperature in which this type of floor should be installed to obtain the desired results, so make sure you pay attention to them.

Not mixing the epoxy properly

Last but not least, another very common problem is related to improper mixing. Mixing the epoxy too fast using a paddle mixer might end up trapping air into the mixture, which would lead to having air bubbles in the surface the moment you apply it. Try not to pump the paddle mixer up and down too much or to select a high speed, since this will create some sort of a vortex in the mixture which will allow the air to get inside.