Paying it forward: 10 ways to give to charity

If you’re wondering how can you give back to your community or a local charity you feel close to, we have some suggestions below.

#1. Donate toys

If your children outgrew their toys, it’s a great idea to gather those, place them in boxes, and take them to a local charity, orphanage or kindergarten. Now all children have the luxury of playing with toys.

#2. Donate food

Nowadays food waste is a real issue. Instead of throwing to garbage your extra food, or even your leftovers, search the place where homeless spend their time and offer them a plate of home-cooked food. Alternatively, you can donate your extra food to charitable dinner places or even local charities.

#3. Money donations for those who need it more than you

If one of your cheques is more generous than normally, you can try to donate it to a local charity. Giving back is sometimes as simple as operating a money transfer.

#4. Donate some of your free time

Your time is valuable and your community might need it more than you think. Go visit a paediatric section of your hospital, interact with the children there. Maybe their parents have to work 12/24 to be able to pay for their hospitalization and aren’t able to spend the day with them.

#5. Remember those who dedicate their lives to other’s safety

Police officers, firefighters and ER doctors will always enjoy a random act of kindness. Maybe show up with some home-cooked food at the beginning of their night shifts. They will certainly enjoy the gesture and the fact that others appreciate their work.

#6. Go visit a senior residence

Bring some joy into a senior’s life. Many senior residences encourage such actions as this will give their residence a feeling of belongings to a community outside the establishment. You may be the only outsider that visited them in a time. Share a talent that you have with them.

#7. Clean out your closet and donate

If your closet is a generous one and you don’t feel like you need it all, you can start to declutter it and sort through your clothing. Throw away what cannot be donated. Do the same with your children’s closets. Donate the pieces in good shape. Homeless shelters and orphanages will certainly appreciate your gesture and so will those who will benefit from those.

#8. Make a holiday donation

The holiday season is the perfect occasion to check with the local charities and ask what donations are appreciated the most. In some cases, there will be money, in others food, clothing or toys. Medicine is another thing that people choose to donate, since not everybody can afford over-the-counter medication.

#9. Donate your extra medicine

For many, medicine is a luxury. The rates of deaths associated with untreated conditions due to poverty are raising. If you notice that your medicine counter is filled with products you no longer use, maybe a charity will make the most of it.

#10. Donate baby diapers and other essentials

There are plenty of charities that specialise in sheltering women in need, abused women or homeless ones. In some cases, these women also have children. While many charities try to offer the most for those children, a little extra is always welcome.