Pretty hairstyles for a summer look

Red hair, blonde hair or ombre…no matter what colour you have chosen for your hair, you just cannot wear it straight every day, because you get bored of this style. It is the time to look for some inspiration, because you have to start trying different looks for your beautiful hair. Yes, it is all about attitude, but with a little help, you will achieve a great look, so you should consider some hairstyles that include hair bow ribbon. Using ribbon for styling your hair is one of the best ways to transform your look, and give a powerful statement, and where you count that you have countless options, from the vintage pip-up look to the girl next-door style. Never has been easier to use a hair accessory, so you should take a look at the following hairstyles, and you will achieve a great summer look.

Messy bun

At the pool, shopping or even at the office, you can wear the messy bun in different contexts, and it would not look inappropriate a single time. You only have to make the bun as you usually do, and tie a ribbon in a bold colour around it. You would have to straighten the hair before styling the bun, but you have to consider that it is the perfect hairstyle for the mid length hair. In case you have bangs, you should clip them, and hide the bobby pins under the ribbon.

Half pony tail

This hairstyle allows you to wear your hair loose, but to also feel comfortable in a hot summer day, because it would not bother your face anymore, and would not stick on your lip-gloss. After you tie, half of your hair up, you only have to choose the colour and size of the ribbon strip you want to use, and let its sides flow. If you want some extra volume, you should spray some dry shampoo at the roots of the hair.


If you like braids, then you have the possibility to try a new style every day, because there are so many braided hairstyles, you only have to have the skill and patience to try them. You can weave the ribbon through your braid, and for a more playful look choose a patterned one, or one in a bold colour. In addition, you can style your hair in a side braid and use the ribbon as a headband, for simply wrapping it.