Put the wrong fuel in? Here’s is some advice

Putting the wrong fuel in the car is something that can happen even to the best of people. As a matter of fact, someone puts petrol in a diesel car and diesel in a petrol car every three minutes. This can be explained by a temporary lapse of judgement or concentration. If this is what has happened to you, you should not feel ashamed about it. As mentioned before, filling the tank with the wrong fuel is a common mistake, one that is made by people with or without experience. So, what do you do? The best thing you can do is act immediately. When it comes to such things, it is not advisable to continue your journey as you can damage the engine. Equally important is to call the professionals. For fuel evacuation services, visit https://www.fuel-fix.co.uk. However, you have to take some safety measures as well. This is all you need to know about dealing with the situation.

How much will all this cost you?

It will not be cheap, that you can be sure of. In the even that you call a fuel evacuation service on time to handle your vehicle, you can expect to pay somewhere around a hundred pounds or even more. What is important to remember is the fact that this is affordable compared to the price of having to replace your engine or other vital car parts.

Don’t start your car

The last thing you should do when filling your tank with the wrong kind of fuel is turning your car on. The reason for this is that you diminish the chances of something bad happening. Keep in mind that the less the fuel remains in your tank, the better. What you should do is put the vehicle in neutral and wait for the professionals to arrive. The staff is not always capable of handling such situations, even though they have seen this happen a million times. By using the wrong type of fuel, you can cause major internal damage. What happens is that the contaminated fuel will get into the system and it will cause the deterioration of the parts. In this kind of situation, it is best to keep calm and wait for the fuel evacuation company. Once the fuel is drained, you can be on your way.

Change the fuel filter

Misfuelling is very serious, so you cannot afford to leave the filter unchanged. The damage that has occurred depends mainly on how long you run the engine. Let us say that you were in a hurry and you immediately switched the car on. The vast majority of motorists realise they have used the wrong fuel following the process. You have to change the fuel filter as soon as possible as this task is not the responsibility of the auto service. It is important not to forget to change the filter as there may still be combustible there. This may not be your top concern at the present moment, but it should be. This way, you can be sure that your pump and engine will run as smoothly as possible.