Quality Custom Adhesive Brands – Five Facets to Look For

Given the relatively niche nature of the industry, you would be forgiven for assuming that all 3M Tape Converters were pretty much the same in terms of quality, output, value for money and so on. In which case finding the ideal provider to work with would be as simple as carrying out a quick web search and choosing the first convenient and affordable name available. In reality however, it isn’t quite as simple as this as the vast majority of brands involved in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and non-PSA components bear enormous differences when it comes to specialist talents, consistency of quality, general working practices and so on. In fact, the differences between competing providers can be beyond night and day.

Of course, it isn’t until you find yourself working with a lackluster provider that you gain a full (and a rather unfortunate) understanding of the disadvantages.  On the plus side however, it is relatively easy to avoid such providers altogether, simply by knowing what to look for in a provider of quality. Exactly what is needed from any given tape converter will vary in accordance with the requirements of the business in question.  But in all instances, there are certain criteria that are universal in both their importance and significance in determining which providers you should be working with.

Bear the following five considerations in mind and you should find the process considerably easier to go about:

1 – Output Capacity

First of all, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the service provider you are considering for the job has the kind of capacity to keep up with your requirements. It’s all well and good for them to be able to design and manufacture the products you need, but if they are unable to do so at the kind of rate or in the kind of volume you require, they really will not be up to the job.  It’s basically a case of seeking out the services of a supplier that has experience working with clients with similar requirements to your own. This isn’t necessarily the most important consideration when placing smaller or one-time-only orders, but if you plan on ordering anything in bulk or on an on-going basis, it’s important to consider output capacity.

2 – Self-Contained Services

Another desirable trait to be on the lookout for when selecting adhesive tape converters to work with is a wall to wall service package that is fully self-contained. Or in other words, a service provider that handles absolutely everything from start to finish in house, rather than having to outsource anything or bring in external businesses to assist. While it’s not to say that either approach cannot yield positive results, there are simply so many benefits to working with those that take care of everything under one roof. From timeliness to quality control to consistency and right through to keeping costs as low as possible, those who watch over the process from start to finish are inherently able to offer a superior service package. If it is unclear as to how the service provider operates, feel free to ask.

3 – Custom Solutions

More often than not, the only reason why these kinds of service providers are sought is to fill a requirement that cannot be met by way of conventional adhesive products.  As such, what you are effectively looking for is a custom solution which is designed and engineered from the ground up with you and your specific requirements in mind.  There are plenty of service providers on the market that offer a wide variety of adhesive products – those offering custom solutions on the other hand are a much rarer breed.

4 – Comprehensive Advice

It also makes perfect sense to work with the kinds of service providers that are willing and able to offer comprehensive advice throughout the order process.  You cannot be expected to know the full ins and outs of the various adhesive products and solutions available to you – it takes in-depth expert consultancy to help ensure you make the right decision. Whatever it takes to ensure that you are provided with a genuinely flawless product in line with its required purpose, they should be able to make it happen.

5 – Forward Thinking, Future Ready

Last up, it always pays to work with an adhesive tape converter that is consummately dedicated to continuous improvement and evolution. This is precisely the kind of industry that is built on innovation and on-going advancement, in order to ensure that the adhesive products produced are constantly improving by way of quality, performance and value for money. To work with the industry’s true innovators is to stay one step ahead of the curve at all times.