Questions to ask family law solicitors before working with them

In the past years, the number of solicitors has significantly increased, but it is worth mentioning that not all of them are trust-worthy and professional. It is highly important to ensure that the solicitor you choose has vast experience in the domain and knows exactly how to help you with your issues, which is why it is recommended to do detailed online research before selecting the right one. You can start your research with companies such as CJCH solicitors if you live in cities such as Cardiff or Bristol for instance. Here is a list of questions you should ask your solicitor before starting working with them.

How long ago did you qualify as a solicitor?

This should be among the first questions you ask a solicitor. In order to benefit from the best results, it is recommended to choose a specialist that has several years of experience in this domain, because chances for you to get the help you most need are higher this way.

In what area are you specialized?

This is another important question that you need to ask a solicitor before you work with them. It is worth mentioning that solicitors have various domains and areas in which they specialize, so in case you need advice related to the family law area for instance, it is best to look for a person who has vast knowledge in this domain and who knows all the laws, terms and conditions related to this area.

Are you accredited?

It is mandatory to ensure that the family law solicitor you are about to choose is not only specialized in this area, but he or she is also accredited. The Law Society and Resolution for instance run accreditation schemes and in order to obtain them, solicitors must demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge in order to provide services in this industry. After all, why would you choose to work with a person who is not accredited?  

Is it you who will do the work or someone else?

You have selected a great solicitor, but you have to ask them whether it is them who will handle your case or they will delegate the case to another person, a trainee or to a junior. You have to know who your main contact actually is. This does not mean that your case cannot be delegated, but you have to know exactly who is going to deal with your case after all.

Overall, these are some of the most important questions you need to ask a family law solicitor before you actually start working with him or her. It is recommended to do some detailed online research and to look for a professional and reliable one in order to obtain the desired results. This means that you may want to ask for other people’s opinions on various forums and to see which family solicitor is the best one to choose in your region and which one is going to offer you the best solution to your problem.