Questions to ask yourself when buying shelves for your catering unit

Have you ever thought which would be the most challenging task when you would run your own catering business? Well, you should know that it would be difficult to create and maintain an effective storage area, because you would have to put a lot of things in a limited space, and there are not many solutions on the market. If you do some research you would find that the single effective solution you have is to install quality shelving units, because they would take your space to new heights. There are a wide variety of shelves, made from different materials, and they come with many components. So if you do not know how to decide upon the right system, here are some question you should ask yourself, before placing any order.

Do you have limited storage space?

The main decision you have to make is the type of shelves you need to install in the storage area. You would have to choose between mobile or stationary ones. If you opt for stationary ones, you have to know from the beginning that you would not be able to move them. So you have to measure the space and see if you can install them and there would be enough room for an employee to move around, then you can buy stationary ones. If you need to save space, then you should opt for mobile units.

What your budget is?

When considering investing in new storage units you have to know what sum you have available for this purchase, because you have to inform the provider from the beginning. Some units might be more expensive that other ones. For example, mobile units would be listed at more expensive prices, so if you want to opt for these shelves, ask your provider about the total sum.

Who would be around the shelving units?

Before opting for a certain type of system, you have to have a clear idea on the persons who would be working in the storage area, and who could enter there. If you opt for mobile shelves, you should know that not anyone could move them, and there would be required a lot of strength, so if there is no employee who can do this there, then you should ask for the provider to offer you another solution. You have to prevent any injuries, so make sure that according to the type of shelves you choose, you would train your employees on how to use them.

How frequently would you have to clean the unit?

In case you are placing your shelving systems in an area which has to be cleaned weekly, for example, then you should consider talking with the provider to offer you mobile ones, or to design them in such a way to offer you accessibility under them, and around them. Because you are running a catering unit, you would have to install systems which offer you access to the walls, floors and other surfaces which have to be sanitized and cleaned. Ask your shelves provider to offer you assistance and support during the process, if you want to buy the right systems.