Ribbon crafts your entire family will enjoy doing

Engaging in fun activities together is something that any family should consider doing. DIY projects are a fun way to spend time together and actually create things that you might use around the house. Crafting can be a bit challenging at first, but if you find the right projects, and use the right supplies, the results will certainly be worth putting in a bit of effort. Ribbon is the perfect element for you to incorporate in your craft projects, and the following tips will give you some fun ideas you can try with your family:

Wreath for your front door

Making your home seem like a cheerful and colourful place right from the entry is certainly something that you will love. Both you, your partner and your children will love designing a ribbon wreath for you front door. For this project you will need only some tulle ribbon. Opt for the patterns and colours of your choice, and choose one of the many great wreath designs you have the possibility to select from. You can follow a step by step tutorial if you are unfamiliar with the entire wreath design process.

Ribbon chandelier

If you want to spark up your lounge area, a ribbon chandelier will do an amazing job. All you need is a small variety of ribbons in different bright colours, some string and a metallic wire. Create a circle out of the metallic wire and tie the straps of ribbons around it, in the length of your choice, leaving the ribbon pieces to fall naturally. Use the string to hang the chandelier in a spot you think will look best.

Ribbon shade

You can give an old lamp a new appearance by simply accessorizing with the right type of ribbon fabric. By gluing thicker straps of ribbon onto the lamp shade, you will give it a new life instantly. This is something that can be easily done, and you will be creating a beautiful decorative element for any room of your home. However, make sure to opt for a unique pattern, one that goes well with your interior.

As you can see, a simple supply such as ribbon can be used in so many creative, unique ways. If your family loves engaging in crafting activities, they will most certainly like the ideas above mentioned. Give them a try and see how it goes, you might manage putting together a few things that can actually look great in your décor.