Simple reupholstery tips anyone can use

Upholstery has an elegant and timeless feel, but it can be very expensive, so a money-saving trick that people often use is to take their worn out upholstered furniture to a professional studio and have it reconditioned. There are even commercial upholsterers who can make your company furniture look as good as new, so follow these simple tricks to make sure you have a positive experience.

Know when to reupholster and when to throw away


Reconditioning upholstery works in most cases, but there are cases when the items can be beyond saving. This might sound peculiar, but old furniture is more likely to pass the time test of time, so if you have an old sofa or chair from the 40s or 50s, you could still recondition it. Ask your upholstery expert if your furniture item is worth the reconditioning in advance, because there are situations when you may have to purchase a new item altogether. If you’re shopping for bargains at the flea market and spot a beautiful, but old upholstery item, don’t automatically assume that you can recondition it. If you can hear the springs screeching, it’s better to pass on the offer.


Avoid striped fabrics


If you’re thinking of using a modern fabric during reupholstery, you should avoid striped fabrics, because the material will stretch and will not have a beautiful look, especially when applied on a round shape. For best results, choose a solid colour for the cover or a print that doesn’t have too many details. Striped fabrics also don’t mix well with slipcovers, because they usually shrink after they are dry cleaned.


How to choose materials when you have pets


If you have pets, you have to pay extra attention to the material of your upholstery, because some fabrics not only break easily, but also attract feathers or hair. Avoid fabrics that are very dark, light or thin. Cats avoid mohair, so you might want to consider this option if you have a feline companion.


How to spot low quality work


Not all reupholstery studios offer high quality, durable work. One common beginner mistake is to apply the new fabric over a layer of cotton without removing the old one. This might look satisfactory at first, but the results will not last long. To make your upholstery look as good as new for years to come, the old stuffing needs to be completely removed and filled with a new padding.


Looking after reupholstered furniture


The better you look after an item of reupholstered furniture, the less maintenance it will need and you will be able to enjoy a quality piece of longer. Take the time to clean the item once a week, either with a vacuum or with a gentle brush. This will prevent dirt from settling to the fibres. If you spill anything on it, spot clean it immediately using a special cleansing agent suitable for your type of material. As a long term solution, to keep the colours as fresh and bright as possible, avoid excessive exposure to the sun or pollutants such as smoke.