Skin care routines to include in your life right away


Skin, especially complexion, requires plenty of attention and care. You should be wisely planning what’s the next step to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Waking up in the morning and noticing imperfections on your face might make you believe that there is absolutely no way to keep your skin under control. Well, find out that this is definitely a false statement and all you have to do to obtain that dreamy skin you’ve always desire is establishing a skin care routine that you’ll strictly follow as long as possible. Taking cosmetology classes might offer you precious information about taking care of your skin and it is a recommended decision in case your skin is problematic. Yes, many people run away from routines, but this is not the type of routine that will make you feel bad. Here are some tips to help you take better care of your skin during a whole year:

Every day

Your everyday skin care routine should include four elements: cleaning, toning, moisturizing and applying SPF. Altogether, these steps represent the stepping stone of a healthy complexion. As for your body, showering daily and applying a moisturizing cream should be enough. Invest in quality products and create a habit out of applying a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizing cream and an SPF one. There are products that combine all of them into a single one. Depending on your budget and time, choose what suits your requirements best, but respect the steps religiously. You can continue by applying makeup.

At night, you should start by removing the makeup you previously applied, clean your face with specialized products once again and moisturize it a second time. During the night, in order to avoid dark circles and bags under eyes, purchase a retinol eye cream and apply it before going to bed.

Every week

At the end of the week, invest time and attention in exfoliation and dry-brushing. These are important for both your complexion and your body. You can exfoliate using natural products such as coffee or sugar or buy exfoliators. It is very important not to exaggerate with exfoliation because excess can lead to skin irritation and redness. After exfoliation or dry-brushing always apply a moisturizer. This is also the time to wash your bed sheets to avoid germ buildup (the main cause of random pimples).

Every month

Each month you should take into consideration visiting a professional cosmetician and getting a facial and a body scrub. Professional salons use different products that are stronger than the ones you can find on the market. Plus, the technique used can differ from yours. Professional treatments can be very beneficial for your skin if you invest in them. Clean your makeup brushes at the end of each month.

Habits that remain forever

It’s not always about what you do for your skin. There are habits that can influence your skin’s aspect and health. Make sure that you include these habits in your life: drink lots of water, take vitamins and skin supplements, use lip balm, sleep as long as you need, avoid hot showers.